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How One Teacher Prepares Students for the Workforce with Business&ITCenter21

"Business&ITCenter21 is the first bold step towards bridging the big disconnect, the lag between what we are teaching and what students need to know to be successful in the workplace."


merril_f_west_wallLynn Huggins teaches the Public Services Administration Pathway in the Academy for Business and Law at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy, California.

Even as a long-time teacher, Lynn struggled with bridging the gap between her available curriculum and the knowledge her students needed for the future. Whether her students planned to continue their education or jump right into the workforce, Lynn knew there had to be a better way to teach her students.

While there are many resources for teaching career skills out there, Lynn wanted a structured curriculum system to help her truly prepare her students.

That’s when she heard about Business&ITCenter21 while attending a CTE conference.

Now Lynn’s students are finishing her class ready for wherever life takes them!

Here’s how Business&ITCenter21 has transformed Lynn’s classroom to better prepare her students for the future.

Teaching Career Readiness & Employability Skills

What first drew Lynn to Business&ITCenter21 is how the content is presented to students. As she says, Business&ITCenter21 “puts the career pathways into logical modules. It sets students up to have a viable career and have the skills they need for employability.”

With hundreds of lessons available, Lynn’s students gain a vast knowledge of workplace readiness skills and information about different career paths.

“The way the program teaches the different elements of what someone who will work in IT, accounting, or management is all integrated,” Lynn says. “You’ll learn some marketing, some computer applications — it’s a comprehensive education. You’ll have the skills to hold down a job and the skills that the industry is telling us you absolutely have to have, or they’ll choose someone else.”

In essence, Lynn believes “Business&ITCenter21 is the first bold step towards bridging the big disconnect, the lag between what we are teaching and what students need to know to be successful in the workplace.”

Business&ITCenter21 Bonus: Increased Student Engagementmerril_f_west_classroom

As Lynn used Business&ITCenter21, she quickly found it solved a second challenge in her classroom: keeping students engaged.

Because it’s a digital curriculum system designed to be used for blended learning, Business&ITCenter21 has a lot of variety.

From interactive digital lessons to hands-on activities and group projects, Business&ITCenter21 presents information in the way Lynn’s students want to learn. “It’s a different way of teaching the information for computer literacy, computer applications, and entrepreneurship,” Lynn shared.

To Lynn, using Business&ITCenter21 fits her preferred teaching style perfectly. “The textbook is dead,” she says.

Lynn knows it can be difficult to try new teaching strategies, but offers some words of encouragement when it comes to embracing blended learning:

“It doesn’t mean we aren’t teaching,” she says. “It means we’ll have the materials and use them to build effective combinations of lecture and other tools and strategies.”

All in all, using Business&ITCenter21 as the backbone of her blended learning approach has led to a huge uptick in student interest. After all, variety is the key to engagement!

Start Teaching Employability Skills Today!

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