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Digital Curriculum: The All-in-One Solution for a Middle School Computer Teacher

"I like the way Business&ITCenter21 is designed. It introduces an idea, then breaks it down into manageable chunks. Then it asks questions and students get immediate feedback."

Bernadette Lindsay teaches computer classes at Southeast Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Every year she has more than 400 students come through her classroom, which proves to be quite challenging.

Because of the sheer number of students in her classes, she struggled with managing the day-to-day — let alone differentiating lessons for individual student needs!

Plus, as a middle school computer teacher, Bernadette needed to find a way to engage her students with relevant lessons.

So, Bernadette needed a resource that would keep students engaged, provide a relevant context, and meet the needs of her diverse learners.

That’s what led her to Business&ITCenter21.

Now Bernadette’s students are engaged and learning better than ever, and Bernadette herself can catch her breath every once in a while.

Here’s how she used Business&ITCenter21 to transform her classroom.

Blended Learning + Relevant Content = Increased Engagement

Like many middle school teachers, Bernadette realized to keep her students engaged, she needed to mix things up.

Luckily, Business&ITCenter21 works perfectly in a blended learning classroom.

Because the curriculum is structured for blended learning, it includes both digital and paper-based work for students to complete.

The digital lessons include media, audio, video, and interactive elements to provide more than just text on a screen.

Bernadette takes advantage of all of the resources by first having students go through the digital lessons.

Then she follows up with hands-on practice and reinforcement activities - which are provided within Business&ITCenter21.

Bernadette even goes the extra mile and throws in some of her own extra activities to add to the variety of learning!

But keeping middle school students engaged takes more than just adding variety in lesson delivery. You also need to contextualize those lessons in a relatable way.

Business&ITCenter21 helped Bernadette accomplish this with ease. Business&ITCenter21 was actually developed for middle school students, so students work through material that’s hand-tailored for them.

For example, Bernadette uses the Digital Responsibility module to discuss online distractions her students may encounter when working online. This is naturally relatable for students who are constantly connected to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices throughout the day.

The combination of relevant content and blended learning resources has made a huge difference in the engagement in Bernadette’s classroom.

Differentiation Made Easy with Digital Curriculum

Once Bernadette began using Business&ITCenter21, she found another reason to love it — differentiation was part of the package!

Each Monday, Bernadette gives her students their assignments for the week, which are due on Friday. Students then work through the digital lessons within Business&ITCenter21 independently throughout the week.

 “Students like that they are more independent with Business&ITCenter21,” Bernadette says. “I let them know what they need to do for the week. Then they set their own pace from Monday to Friday. They can work at home or in class to get it done.”

This weekly plan also keeps students from falling behind if they miss a day of class. They can catch up in Business&ITCenter21 at home from any Internet-connected device.

Additionally, Bernadette sets up the courses within Business&ITCenter21 to give her students a lot of flexibility.

She adjusts the settings of the program to allow students to take quizzes multiple times, which gives them an extra level of control over their own learning.

These extra levels of independence encourage students to remediate themselves whenever it’s needed, and it lets Bernadette focus on individual students when it’s really necessary.

Overall, Business&ITCenter21 works for all of her students’ unique needs.

“I like the way Business&ITCenter21 is designed,” Bernadette says. “It introduces an idea, then breaks it down into manageable chunks. Then it asks questions and students get immediate feedback.”

Transform Your Classroom with Business&ITCenter21

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