How Do I Buy Business&ITCenter21?

Now that you and your students have tried Business&ITCenter21 in your classroom and found it's the perfect fit, you're probably thinking: How do I purchase Business&ITCenter21?

Here we'll walk you through the process of purchasing Business&ITCenter21 and will include a few tips to make sure you're all set!

First, you'll need a full understanding of the pricing options before you get a quote to take to your administration.

How Business&ITCenter21 Pricing Works

There are two package options for purchasing Business&ITCenter21 - Starter and Master.

Each package includes one "teacher license" which gives one teacher access to the system to use with all of their students.

If your school has two teachers who want to use Business&ITCenter21, you'll need to purchase two teacher licenses.

What's the Difference Between the Starter and Master Packages?

The Starter package is $549/year and includes access to all 475+ curriculum hours of content. You also get access to all of the standard features within the system.

The Master package is $799/year and offers everything the Starter package has, as well as a number of additional features and customization options to help you better manage your classroom. These include:

  • Advanced Assessments: Create, customize, and use midterms and final exams
  • Due Dates: Set deadlines for when students need to complete their work by
  • Advanced Student Pacing: Have more control of how students work through the content, such as completing all lessons before taking a quiz
  • Individual Student Management: Control settings for individuals to access content, rather than the whole class (perfect for an absent student!)
  • Custom Content: Upload your own PDFs and PowerPoints to integrate into our curriculum and keep your resources all in one place
  • Course Sharing: Allow co-teachers in your school to access your classes as needed, with their own login credentials

Once you've decided which package you want, it's time to get your quote!

Getting Your Quote

To get your Business&ITCenter21 quote, all we need to know is what state you work in and which package you would like to purchase. It's important to provide this information because due to state textbook adoptions, pricing can vary from state to state.

Quotes are for an annual basis, but we are happy to discuss multi-year purchases if your school is interested.

Want to get your quote right now? Click here to review your package options and request a quote: Business&ITCenter21 Package Options

Submit Your Quote for Approval

Now that you've got your quote and some supporting materials to make your case, it's time to submit it for budgeting approval.

Each school's process varies, but in most cases you'll need to submit a requisition to your principal. It's a good idea to ask your administrator about the specifics of your school's process.

We're happy to help answer any questions your principal asks - it's what we're here for!

You're Approved... Now What?

After you've been approved, your school has a few options of how they can purchase Business&ITCenter21.

In most cases, they will send a Purchase Order that can be submitted one of these ways:

  • Sent via email to
  • Faxed to (717) 627-5643
  • Mailed to Applied Educational Systems, Inc., 312 E Walnut St, Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17602

If it's preferred, your school could also purchase Business&ITCenter21 via credit card online, from the link listed within your quote.

What Happens After Your School Orders?

After we receive the Purchase Order or credit card payment, we'll convert your trial into a full customer account. All of the data from your trial site will transfer over - with no work on your end.

Get ready to kick back and let Business&ITCenter21 help you save hours of time every week!

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