How Do I Buy Business&ITCenter21?

Now that you and your students have tried Business&ITCenter21 in your classroom and found it's the perfect fit, you're probably thinking: How do I purchase Business&ITCenter21?

Here we'll walk you through the process of purchasing Business&ITCenter21 and will include a few tips to make sure you're all set!

First, you'll need a full understanding of the pricing options before you get a quote to take to your administration.

How Business&ITCenter21 Pricing Works

Pricing is based on your needs as an instructor.

We have some teachers in our community who are the only Business&ITCenter21 users in their whole school district!

We have other teachers who may be one of a dozen different teachers using it in a district.

As a result, pricing will vary between those two extremes. We custom-tailor the price so that it fits your needs so you can focus on what matters — your students.


Getting Your Quote

To get you a custom quote, we'll need some information from you first. 

Every quote we issue is for an annual payment. To determine that, we require a quote request form with the data we need to start our quoting process! 

Submit Your Quote for Approval

Now that you've got your quote and some supporting materials to make your case, it's time to submit it for budgeting approval.

Each school's process varies, but in most cases you'll need to submit a requisition to your principal. It's a good idea to ask your administrator about the specifics of your school's process.

We're happy to help answer any questions your principal asks - it's what we're here for!

You're Approved — Now What?

After you've been approved, your school has a few options of how they can purchase Business&ITCenter21.

In most cases, they will send a purchase order that can be submitted one of these ways:

  • Sent via email to
  • Faxed to (717) 627-5643
  • Mailed to Applied Educational Systems, Inc., 312 E Walnut St, Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17602

If it's preferred, your school could also purchase Business&ITCenter21 via credit card online from the link listed within your quote.

What Happens After Your School Orders?

After we receive the Purchase Order or credit card payment, we'll convert your trial into a full customer account. All of the data from your trial site will transfer over - with no work on your end.

Get ready to kick back and let Business&ITCenter21 help you save hours of time every week!

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