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How a Middle School Computer Teacher Keeps Hundreds of Students on Track

"With Business&ITCenter21, the students can manage their own work and move at their own pace. They love that it's independent!"

Lori Hooper teaches computer applications to hundreds of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico.

Because she teaches a variety of students, Lori is always looking for ways to meet the needs of each one. But due to an overwhelming number of absent students and late work, she had no time to spare.

That led her to a resource that allowed her to tackle both of these problems head on – Business&ITCenter21.

Now Lori can better meet her students’ diverse needs and keep students on track with their work, even with absences.

Here’s how Business&ITCenter21 helped Lori overcome her two biggest challenges.

Challenge #1 - Meeting Diverse Student Needs

Lori teaches computer applications to hundreds of students each year, so it’s a juggling act to meet the needs of each of them.

Some students are more familiar with Microsoft Office than others, which created a strain in the classroom. The students who knew Microsoft worked more quickly than those who didn’t, which meant some students had to wait for their classmates to catch up before the whole class could move forward.

This period of waiting was the biggest complaint in her classroom -- until she introduced Business&ITCenter21.

Because Business&ITCenter21 is designed with student pacing features, Lori’s students can work through the Microsoft Office lessons independently. Then, Lori walks around the classroom to answer questions as needed.

With this change, her students’ biggest complaint disappeared.

“With Business&ITCenter21, the students can manage their own work and move at their own pace,” Lori says. “They love that it’s independent!”

Challenge #2 - Absent Students & Incomplete Work

Lori’s second major challenge was student absences.

Lori helped absent students keep up with their work, but it’s ultimately the student’s choice whether they actually do the work. In Lori’s class, her students gave her excuses instead of catching up.

Fortunately, Business&ITCenter21 is available anytime and anywhere with Internet access, so student absences and incomplete work aren’t concerns anymore.

Additionally, because students can access the curriculum from a tablet or a smartphone, that really put a stop to every excuse in the book.

“I can deal with absences and tell parents that students can do work from anywhere -- from the library, at home, on vacation… there’s no more excuses,” Lori says. “Having the accessibility from anywhere is amazing! I love Business&ITCenter21!”

Business&ITCenter21 Bonus: Teaching Real-World Skills


Now that she’s used Business&ITCenter21, Lori’s perspective on teaching has shifted. Her new mantra is “teaching students; not subjects.”

This is because Business&ITCenter21 had an unexpected effect for Lori and her students -- incorporating real-world skills in the classroom.

By focusing on both foundational knowledge and applying the skills they learn, Lori’s students are succeeding on all fronts.

With their new-found skills such as professionalism and financial literacy, the students enter high school more prepared for their advanced courses.

And some students even had success in summer jobs because of the career readiness skills they learned through Business&ITCenter21!

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