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How Much Does Business&ITCenter21 Cost? 


How Pricing Works

Starting at

$599 per year

Every teacher, student, and school has different needs. 

So why should everyone pay the same price for the same generic curriculum? 

Your Business&ITCenter21 package should fit you, your classroom, and your budget. 

That includes price!

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What You Get with Business&ITCenter21

It's never been easier to teach.

Lightning-Fast Class Creation

Plan a class in minutes from your web browser.

Free Content Updates

Teach up-to-date curriculum without shelling out for textbooks.

Automatic Grading

Get real-time assessment results to quickly track student progress.

Class Cloning

Easily copy your existing classes to prep for the next semester or multiple sections of the same class.

Blended Learning Resources

Teach diverse students with audio, video, activities, and more.

Intuitive Interface

Learn how to make the most of Business&ITCenter21 in minutes.

Classroom Management Data

Get on-demand reports of how and when students use Business&ITCenter21.

Customizable Certificates

Recognize your students' hard work with unique printout certificates.

Documentation on Demand

Get all of your student data in a spreadsheet compatible with any LMS.


Business&ITCenter21 was the only resource I used this school year. It had every standard that we needed. I have dotted every 'i' and crossed every 't' by using this system.


Patricia Carter
John M. Tutt Middle School, GA


If I didn't have Business&ITCenter21, I would be scrambling.


Scott Hayes
Rice High School, TX


Grading and lesson plans — between the two, you have saved me countless hours!


Lori Hooper
Berrendo Middle School, NM

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