Experience the Benefits of Differentiated Instruction

Teaching academically diverse students has never been this easy.

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A Curriculum Designed to Meet Diverse Student Needs

Experience the benefits of differentiated instruction in your career readiness classes.

Career Readiness Curriculum helps you differentiate instruction so your students can have success in the classroom.

Less time spent finding ways to differentiate your lessons means you can better focus on helping students who need assistance, without holding others back.

Spend More Time with Individual Students

Because students can work on the curriculum independently, there is no down time for students waiting on each other to complete lessons.

Your quick learners will appreciate the flexibility to work ahead, and you can spend more time 1-on-1 with students who need extra assistance.


Spend more time with struggling students by using differentiated instruction.

Grade Tracking and Reports

By reviewing your Grades dashboard, you can see where students may be struggling so you can better focus on those areas.

You no longer need to stress about which students are falling behind, as AES career readiness curriculum keeps track of it for you!

Grade tracking and reports help you know which students are struggling with specific topics.

Lesson Narration and Transcripts

For students with IEPs and ESL learners, the availability of narration and transcripts makes a huge difference.

Being able to read, listen, and interact during the learning process will help every student absorb the material in the way that suits them best... differentiation made easy without you lifting a finger!

Lesson narrations and transcripts make a big difference for students with IEPs and ESL learners.

AES career readiness curriculum is perfect for differentiating instruction because students are working at their own pace and skills level.

Using AES career readiness curriculum, my more independent students can work through lessons at their own pace. If they finish the basics quickly, they can move onto the advanced module while I continue working with students that need a little extra guidance.

Daisy Questell
Liberty Middle School, FL

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