Keep your Career Readiness Curriculum Current

Rest easy knowing your students are receiving the latest information.

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Frequent Content Updates Keep Your Courses Relevant

Digital career readiness curriculum helps your lessons stay current.

Career readiness curriculum helps you stay up with changes in the industry and educational standards.

Rest easy knowing your students are receiving the most updated information related to employability skills available - without you needing to lift a finger.

Updated as the Industry and Standards Change

It's important to stay current with career readiness curriculum. Because the curriculum is digital, it is quickly updated when the industry or educational standards change.

Lessons, assessments, projects, and activities are all updated without any work from the teacher.

New and updated content is released automatically through the system, without you needing to download or install the information.

Keep up with your career readiness standards with frequently released updates.

No More Outdated Textbooks

Gone are the days of using outdated textbooks and creating supplements to fill in missing or incorrect information.

With Career Readiness, you can be confident that your students are receiving the most up-to-date information available.

You'll no longer need to spend time updating your lessons to keep them current — AES career readiness curriculum takes care of it for you!

Stop worrying about outdated career readiness lessons and textbooks.

Today's employers want to know that students have critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, soft skills, and human relation skills to be successful in the workplace.

AES career readiness curriculum taps into those skills so that students have that base knowledge. It puts the students in a situation to solve a problem and make choices, which they will have to do in the workplace.

Pamela Bunch
Smith High School, NC

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