Recover Lost Time with CareerCenter21

Save time on lesson planning and grading.

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Resources and Assessments That Will Save You Time

Save time on lesson planning and grading

CareerCenter21 helps you to be more efficient, both in and out of the classroom.

Less time spent on paperwork, grading, and administrative tasks means you can better focus on doing what you do best - teaching career readiness skills.

Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans and Resources

With pre-made career readiness lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, and other resources you will save hours in planning every week.

Electronic worksheets reduce paperwork and the amount of time you spend printing and copying student resources.

Lesson planning will no longer rule your nights and weekends, and in-class time can be dedicated to helping your students succeed.

Ready-to-use career readiness lesson plans and resources save you time.

Assessments with Automatic Grading

Quizzes, Tests, and Exams are automatically graded by the CareerCenter21 system and recorded in the teacher's account.

You can easily track student progress and export the grading reports to use as needed.

Not only will the burden of grading be taken off of your plate, your students will love the automatic feedback!

Assessments with automatic grading save you time

With CareerCenter21 there's no lesson plans to create, no grading, and there are engaging lessons and activities for the students. As a teacher, my main concern is when I need to sit down and write lessons and grade thousands of papers. With CareerCenter21, I have more time to do other things.

Daisy Questell
Liberty Middle School, FL

Save time with ready-to-use interactive lessons, projects, and automatically graded assessments.

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