Back-End Software Developer


About AES

We’re a digital curriculum provider that works with thousands of schools in all 50 states. When a teacher is pulled in all directions by students, parents, administrators, and their own families, we’re here to help.

Our digital curriculum system takes the burden of planning, assessing, and grading off our teachers so they can do what they do best - teach.

AES has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the past 4 years. We’re excited to continue this growth by hiring avid learners who care deeply about the success of our customers.


What It's Like to Work with Us

At AES, we thrive on collaboration and playing off each other’s strengths.

We’re a group of people who respect and trust each other, and we work hard to go above and beyond for our teammates and customers.

You’ll frequently find members of different teams working cross-functionally, whether it's sales and marketing, brainstorming ideas for new content, or customer success and product working to improve the customer experience.

Now, don’t get us wrong - we’re here to work hard and do our best, but we aren’t all business all the time.

Being part of the AES team means knowing who your teammates are beyond the work they do. 

We know each other’s quirks and enjoy joking around at times. We’re here to celebrate when you have exciting news or listen when you need to get something off your chest.

Taking the time to know each other allows us to communicate better and understand each other’s perspectives when getting down to business.

If you’re excited to join a collaborative team at a growing company that serves thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students, keep reading to learn about this position.


This Role Could be a Great Fit for You If:

  • You have developed multiple Rails-based server-side application components deployed to a production environment, or
  • You have familiarity with Ruby on Rails and have developed server-side application components using other object-oriented technologies that were deployed to a production environment and have experience on a software development team, or
  • You have familiarity with Ruby on Rails, and you can provide multiple examples of non-production server-side application components you have developed using object-oriented technologies, and have formal education in software development and have experience on a software development team.


In This Role, You Will:

  • Play a key role on a small, highly productive team of experienced developers.
  • Develop new, robust components and enhance existing ones for our API that enables all our user facing features.
  • Contribute to important system architecture and design decisions.
  • Produce high quality code through thoughtful design, diligent execution and good test coverage.
  • Provide well-structured code for review by team members and engage in thoughtful and critical discussions.
  • Contribute ideas to the team and the company as a whole to improve how we work.
  • Work collaboratively with AES employees in all departments who are passionate about helping teachers and administrators succeed.


What You Need

  • Strong software development fundamentals and problem-solving skills
  • Professional experience developing backend system components with proven high quality
  • A passion for learning and education
  • A desire to go above and beyond to do what is right for our customers
  • Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn and share with others you work with
  • A high standard of excellence in the work you do
  • Good communication skills and cognitive empathy


What We Offer

  • A culture of learning, with professional development opportunities throughout the year
  • An opportunity to be part of a team impacting thousands of teachers and students
  • Unlimited paid time off to provide flexibility for your life outside of AES
  • An annual vacation stipend so you can make the most of your time away from work
  • A 3-week sabbatical after five years of employment
  • Competitive compensation and benefits, including a 401K



  • Formal computer science or software engineering education or equivalent knowledge and skills gained through multi-year, professional experience.
  • Ability to describe your prior work to show how you can meet the expectations of this role as described above.


Other Helpful Experience

  • Development experience for software as a service (SaaS) products
  • Experience using multiple, third-party APIs to move data between systems
  • Deployment of container-based (Docker) applications to an AWS-hosted environment
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Dynamo, Redis
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Dev/Ops in a Cloud-hosted environment, including container orchestration and application monitoring
  • Application and user event logging, log management and analysis
  • Development for or integration with learning management systems (LMSs)
  • Front-end JavaScript development experience, especially using React


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