Prepare Your Students for Success on the NCHSE National Health Science Assessment

Help your students succeed on NCHSE's assesment and in their future careers


What Is NCHSE?

The National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) is a partnership of educators, professionals, and organizations focused on improving health science education across the United States.

NCHSE supports health science education in three distinct ways, including the National Health Science Assessment.

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The National Health Science Assessment - Everything You Need to Know

The National Health Science Assessment is an exam developed by NCHSE to measure a student's knowledge of health science skills and concepts.

It's the perfect way for your students to show they are ready to take the next step on the path towards becoming healthcare professionals!

So, how can you help them succeed?

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Paige Shoup
Kiamichi Technology Center, OK


How Does HealthCenter21 Meet the Standards?

The National Health Science Assessment is based on the 11 national foundation standards developed by NCHSE.

Want to know how HealthCenter21 aligns to the National Health Science Standards?

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Prepare Your Students for Success on the NCHSE Exam!

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