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Everything You Need to Know about the NHA Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Exam

The Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam was created by the NHA to measure a student's working knowledge of skills they will need for the workplace.

But how does the certification process work? And how can you ensure your students know what's expected of them when test day rolls around?

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“I gave the CMAA exam before I started with HealthCenter21 and the students really struggled - maybe 70% passed. Now with HealthCenter21 I'm at a 100% pass rate. From my standpoint, that says how valuable the information is.”

Janet Fabra
Royal Palm Beach High School, FL


How Does HealthCenter21 Align to the Test?

The NHA Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam is based on a test plan that measures knowledge across seven healthcare domains.

Want to know how HealthCenter21 aligns to the NHA CMAA exam topics?

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HealthCenter21 Helps Prepare Students for NHA CMAA Certification

Janet Fabra teaches the Allied Health Assisting program at Royal Palm Beach High School. Since she started using HealthCenter21, her students have had a 100% pass rate on the NHA CMAA exam.

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How a Health Science Program Improved CMAA Pass Rates

Teachers in the School District of Oscoela County have seen amazing results on the NHA CMAA exam by using a blended learning approach in the classroom.

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2 Proven Ways to Get 100% NHA CMAA Pass Rates

Ever wonder how other health science teachers prepare their students for the NHA CMAA exam?

In working with thousands of teachers, we've found two paths that lead to 100% of students to passing the exam.

Read how real teachers are setting their students up for success:

2 Proven Ways to Get 100% CMAA Pass Rates

Prepare Your Students for Success on the NHA CMAA Exam!

With HealthCenter21 it's never been easier to help your students pass the CMAA exam!

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“Our teachers prepare the students for the CMAA certification and use mostly the HealthCenter21 modules. Harmony High School has a 100% pass rate and St. Cloud High School has 96% passing.”

Griselle Figueroa-Martorell
School District of Osceola County, FL