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Prepare Your Students for the NHA CMAA Exam

Help your students become the next generation of medical administrative assistants

What Is the NHA CMAA Exam & How Do You Prep Students?

3 Key Steps to NHA CMAA Prep

Step 1

Know What's on the CMAA Exam

The NHA CMAA exam measures your students' knowledge and skills needed for careers as medical administrative assistants.

But how do you know what topics to teach in order to help them pass the exam?

Click below to find out!

Learn What's on the NHA CMAA Exam >

Step 2

Build Your CMAA Curriculum

Once you know what topics you need to teach, it's time to build your CMAA curriculum.

You need to give your students the knowledge and skills to succeed both on the exam and the workplace!

But where do you begin?

Learn How to Build Your CMAA Curriculum >

Step 3

Prepare Your Students

Now it's time to actually prepare your students for the CMAA exam!

This can seem daunting, especially when you need to balance certification prep with teaching your daily classes. 

Wondering where to start? Click below!

How to Prep Your Students for the NHA CMAA Exam >


How Do Teachers Prep Students for NHA CMAA Certification?

"I gave the CMAA exam before I started with HealthCenter21 and the students really struggled - maybe 70% passed. Now with HealthCenter21 I'm at a 100% pass rate. From my standpoint, that says how valuable the information is."

"Our teachers prepare the students for the CMAA certification and use mostly the HealthCenter21 modules. Harmony High School has a 100% pass rate and St. Cloud High School has 96% passing."

How Does HealthCenter21 Align to the NHA CMAA Exam?

The NHA Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam is based on a test plan that measures knowledge across seven healthcare domains.

Want to know how HealthCenter21 aligns to the NHA CMAA exam topics?

Click here to read the overview: Crosswalk between HealthCenter21 and the NHA CMAA Exam Standards

nha-cmaa-crosswalk (1)

Prep Your Students for the NHA CMAA Exam

It's never been easier to help your students pass the NHA CMAA exam! Download your NHA CMAA Certification Success Guide today: