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"Business&ITCenter21 takes the hassle out of lesson planning and lets you focus on helping students. The students really enjoy the lessons and the ease of use to administer the quizzes and the tests made it almost seamless on my end."

Scott Hayes, Technology Teacher
San Saba High School, TX

How Can Business&ITCenter21 Help You and Your Students?

Business&ITCenter21 is more than just lesson plans. It's a digital curriculum system that helps computer teachers save time, improve student understanding, and keep their students engaged.

Save Time with Planning and Grading

Spend More Time Doing What Matters

Planning and grading can quickly take over your life and make it challenging to spend one-to-one time with your computer applications students.

Business&ITCenter21 does the heavy lifting by providing ready-to-use lesson plans and automatically graded assessments.

It also takes the burden of creating instructional materials off of your plate by providing a full library of curriculum.

With Business&ITCenter21, you can get back to making personal connections with your students and preparing them for their careers.

Improve Student Understanding

Maximize Your Students' Understanding

The Business&ITCenter21 curriculum is developed based on national standards and structured according to our unique four-phase learning plan.

With this learning plan, you can maximize student understanding while providing a consistent learning experience for your students.

This ultimately leads to better long-term retention of information throughout your students' schooling and future careers.

Keep Your Students Engaged

Engage Your Computer Applications Students

Business&ITCenter21 helps you create dynamic, blended learning experiences that hold the attention of your students.

At AES, we believe that variety in instruction is the key to engagement.

That's why our blended learning delivery method includes both teacher-led and student-led instruction.

Within the four-phase learning plan, you'll find hands-on activities, eLearning lessons, interactive assessments, lecture materials, student projects, and more.

With Business&ITCenter21, you can better engage your students without the hassle of creating all of the blended learning materials yourself.

"Business&ITCenter21 is a great program that allows you to teach and model the skills you are covering, then immediately let the students jump in and follow the lessons and activities to further develop their skills."

Reginald Patterson, Middle School Computer Teacher
Polk County Public Schools, FL

Is Business&ITCenter21 Right for You and Your Students?

Business&ITCenter21 was developed with middle and early high school computer classes in mind and could be a great fit if:

  • You teach grades 7-10
  • You teach Microsoft Office or Google Applications
  • You love interacting one-on-one with students
  • You want to provide more variety in your teaching
  • You’re ready to try blended learning or online learning options

However, Business&ITCenter21 isn’t right for everyone.

If you’re only looking for traditional paper-based materials and don’t want to implement the interactive eLearning lessons, Business&ITCenter21 won’t be a good fit for you.

"We have a lot of businesses that are looking for employees to have Microsoft Office certifications. With Business&ITCenter21 we were able to get more certifications this year."

Lakesha Kirkland, High School Computer Teacher
Muscogee County School District, GA

What Topics Can You Teach with Business&ITCenter21?

With more than 250 hours of computer applications curriculum, teachers use Business&ITCenter21 to teach courses on:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Google Applications
  • Microsoft Office
  • MOS Certifications

Click below to check out the full catalog of curriculum topics you can teach with Business&ITCenter21:

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Save time with interactive lessons, ready to use projects, and automatically graded assessments.

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