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Computer Applications Curriculum

Guide Your Computer Applications Students to Success

Connect with your students and save hours each week with our computer applications curriculum system.

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A Comprehensive Computer Applications Curriculum System

Satisfy your course standards and prepare students for success with an all-in-one CTE curriculum system that will save you hours each week. Within AES you’ll find:

  • Digital literacy and citizenship curriculum to help students understand how to use technology responsibly in personal and professional situations.
  • Google Applications curriculum so students can learn to work and collaborate using tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.
  • Microsoft Office curriculum to prepare students for MOS certifications and professional work.

Explore the curriculum catalog to see how the AES curriculum can fit into your program.

Discover the Topics
Computer applications teacher using CTE curriculum with middle and high school students

Engage and Empower Your Computer Students

With AES, you’ll be free to dedicate more time and energy to your students. Our computer applications curriculum system provides:


Ready-to-use lesson plans and automatic grading to shoulder the burden of administrative tasks.


Hands-on activities and projects that foster critical thinking and engage students.


A comprehensive structure that’s easy for both new and experienced teachers to implement.


Content aligned with professional certifications so your students can be recognized for the knowledge and skills they’ve gained.

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Computer applications teacher working with middle and high school students

3 Steps to Make More Time for Your Students

Trying new curriculum can feel overwhelming, but computer applications teachers like you deserve the chance to leave a lasting impact in the classroom. Follow these simple steps to get back to what you love - empowering your students.

Thousands of Teachers Have Prepared Students for Success with AES

"AES takes the hassle out of lesson planning and lets you focus on helping students. The students really enjoy the lessons and the ease of use to administer the quizzes and tests made it almost seamless on my end."

"AES is a great program that allows you to teach and model the skills you are covering, then immediately let the students jump in and follow the lessons and activities to further develop their skills."

"We have a lot of businesses that are looking for employees to have Microsoft Office certifications. With AES we were able to get more certifications this year."

Overcome Your Biggest Challenges as a Computer Teacher

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by planning, grading, keeping students engaged, meeting standards, and everything else you need to do?

You’re not alone: thousands of teachers face these challenges every week. Thankfully, there are strategies you can implement to solve them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions teachers ask about our computer applications curriculum system.

What computer applications courses can I teach with AES?

Are there other schools and districts in my state that use this?

How much will the AES curriculum system cost for my program?

What’s included in the free trial?

Save Time and Empower Your Students Today

Instead of wasting energy creating a curriculum and grading student work, let AES handle it for you. Our easy-to-use, comprehensive curriculum system will save you hours each week so you can get back to what matters - teaching your students.

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