Learn How To Easily Meet Computer Applications Standards with Business&ITCenter21

Stop worrying about keeping up with changing standards.

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Standards-Based Curriculum Makes Your Life Easier

Meet computer applications standards with eLearning curriculum

Business&ITCenter21 is developed based on computer applications standards, so you can meet requirements.

Knowing your course standards are covered means you can better focus on helping your students learn computer concepts and skills.

Aligned to State and National Standards

When developing new content, the Product Team first reviews state, national, and industry standards as a base to ensure the curriculum is current and relevant.

This means you can rest easy knowing that you no longer need to spend hours planning your curriculum to meet those standards.

Easily meet your computer applications standards with Business&ITCenter21

Updated as Standards and Technology Change

Because Business&ITCenter21 is digital, it is easily updated when technology and standards change.

You'll no longer need to buy a new book or spend time updating your lessons to keep them current... Business&ITCenter21 takes care of it for you!

Stay up to date with changing business education standards.

Customizable Curriculum Options

Use the pre-made course templates, or build custom courses from the library of over 425 hours of content to best fit your needs.

You can mix and match topics from the library of curriculum to ensure you not only meet standards, but provide a good variety of information for your students.


Customizable curriculum options allow you to create courses that meet computer applications standards and provide variety of information.

I am able to use Business&ITCenter21 for my standards. There are many things in Business&ITCenter21 I can use for the Business Technology class, like the Word, Access, and Excel modules.

I also use the Professionalism and Job Seeking Skills modules to cover my employability standards. Then I also use the Entrepreneurship and Personal Financial Literacy modules for other standards.

Lakesha Kirkland
Shaw High School, GA

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