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Rest easy knowing your students are receiving the latest information.

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Frequent Content Updates Keep Your Courses Relevant

Digital computer curriculum helps your lessons stay current.

Business&ITCenter21 helps you stay up with changes in technology and educational standards.

Rest easy knowing your students are receiving the most updated information related to computer applications available - without you needing to lift a finger.

Updated as the Industry and Technology Change

It's important to keep your computer lessons current. Because Business&ITCenter21 is digital, it is quickly updated when the industry changes or new technology comes out.

While most computer applications curricula focus solely on Microsoft Office, Business&ITCenter21 also includes Google Apps curriculum. Because of this, your students will have a well-rounded knowledge of multiple application suites.

Keep up with your computer curriculum current with frequently released updates.

Automatic Content Releases

New and updated content is released automatically through the system, without you needing to download or install the information.

Lessons, assessments, projects, and activities are all added and updated without any work from the teacher.

Digital curriculum allows for content to automatically be released when updates are made.

No More Outdated Textbooks

Gone are the days of using outdated textbooks and creating supplements to fill in missing or incorrect information.

With Business&ITCenter21, you can be confident that your students are receiving the most up-to-date information available.

You'll no longer need to spend time updating your lessons to keep them current... Business&ITCenter21 takes care of it for you!

Stop worrying about outdated business lessons and textbooks.

AES is always current with their information, which makes me feel at ease with my students learning from the program. I know my students are receiving all of the proper information related to each individual topic. This, simply put, makes my job so much easier.

Mark Rodgers
Jupiter Middle School, FL

Save time with ready-to-use interactive lessons, projects, and automatically graded assessments.

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