Learn How To Improve Classroom Management with Business&ITCenter21

Overcome your classroom management problems today.

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A System to Help You Keep Students on Task

Overcome your classroom management problems with digital curriculum for computer applications classes.

Business&ITCenter21 solves your classroom management problems so you can focus on teaching.

A computer curriculum with classroom management and structure built in means you no longer need to worry about whether your students are being productive.

Structured and Organized Curriculum

Business&ITCenter21 provides a structured computer curriculum that will keep your students on track, even if you aren't available.

Your students will stay focused, since they know the expectations based on where they are at in the lessons.

You will have more instruction time, since you won't need to explain what will be done each day!

Structured computer curriculum improves classroom management by keeping students on track

Flexibility for Independent Student Learning

No more spending time creating worksheets or making copies for students to work on while others are finishing projects.

Because students can work on Business&ITCenter21 independently, you don't need to worry about keeping one group occupied while others are working on projects.

Independent student learning helps with classroom management problems

Due Dates and Student Pacing Options

Customizable Due Dates and Student Pacing options help you keep students on task and aware of expectations.

Putting more responsibility in your students' hands will empower them, while also taking some worry and stress off of your shoulders.

Keep students on task with due dates and student pacing options.

When I first started teaching I needed help with getting students through the lessons. Having Business&ITCenter21 is almost like I have a teacher's aide. I'm teaching the class, but then they have someone else to help me teach.

William Graham
Holcomb Bridge Middle School, GA

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