Keeping Students Engaged is Made Easier with Business&ITCenter21

Stop worrying about bored, uninterested students.

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A Computer Curriculum to Keep Your Students Engaged

Keeping students engaged is made easier with Business&ITCenter21

Business&ITCenter21 helps engage your students, so you can focus on teaching important computer skills.

A curriculum designed to keep students engaged and interested means you no longer need to spend extra time figuring it out for yourself.

Interactive eLearning Lessons

Variety is the key to student engagement, and the interactive lessons and scenarios in Business&ITCenter21 provide that variety for you.

Multimedia content and scenarios ensure your students are actively learning, as opposed to simply reading text.

With your students more engaged, they will learn better, show more interest, and retain more information about the business topics.

Interactive computer applications lessons keep students engaged and interested

Age-Appropriate and Relevant Context

With curriculum created specifically for middle and high school computer applications classes, you know the lessons are age-appropriate and relevant to your students.

Real-world scenarios help your students better understand how they can apply the skills and ideas in their own lives.

When your students can relate to the content presented, you will be surprised at how their level of interest increases!

With computer curriculum designed for middle and high school students, your students will better relate.

Students Work Within the Applications

Rather than simply completing "work" in a simluated environment, your students will use the actual Office and Google applications.

By having students complete tasks and projects within the applications, they will take ownership of what they create.

By working in real computer applications, students will take ownership of their projects.

With Business&ITCenter21, there are engaging lessons and activities for the students. That's one of our main concerns. A middle school population is different from high school... The students in middle school need more hands-on and engaging activities. We cannot make them do what they are doing in high school because it's boring.

Daisy Questell
Liberty Middle School, FL

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