How to Convince Your Administrator to Purchase Business&ITCenter21

You’ve researched Business&ITCenter21 and are confident that it will make a big difference in your classroom.

Now you need to find a way to get funding from your administration to purchase it!

Teachers we work with often assume they will need to pay for Business&ITCenter21 with their classroom budget or pay for it out of pocket.

However, most teachers we work with can get funding by explaining the value Business&ITCenter21 provides compared to textbooks or another resource.

But how can you make sure you talk about the right things to convince your administrator to buy Business&ITCenter21?

We find that teachers have the most success in getting funding for Business&ITCenter21 when they can answer six common questions administrators ask:

  1. What Is Business&ITCenter21?
  2. How does it align with your course standards?
  3. How will it help you in the classroom?
  4. How will Business&ITCenter21 help your students?
  5. How will you measure success?
  6. How much does Business&ITCenter21 cost?

In this article, we’ll dive into each point to help you confidently answer these questions when you meet with your administrator about Business&ITCenter21.

You’ll also find a downloadable document to fill out and use as a reference during your meeting.

guide to convince your administrator to buy Business&ITCenter21

1. What Business&ITCenter21 Is

Unlike a textbook that any educator is familiar with, your administrator may not have come across a digital curriculum system like Business&ITCenter21 before.

Because of that, you’ll need to find a way to explain what Business&ITCenter21 is to someone who has never heard of it.

You could find a way to explain the curriculum and system, but there are so many other things you need to focus on.

That’s why we created a short video to answer common questions about Business&ITCenter21.

In this video, I explain:

  • What Business&ITCenter21 is
  • Who it’s a good fit for
  • Why teachers use Business&ITCenter21
  • How much it costs

How can I use this video to make a case to my administration?

The best way to leverage this video is to send it to your administrator before your meeting about Business&ITCenter21.

After watching the video, your administrator will have a basic understanding of what Business&ITCenter21 is. That will allow you to focus your in-person time on the more detailed questions.

Here’s the direct link to share with your administrator in preparation for your meeting: Answers to Common Questions About Business&ITCenter21

2. How Business&ITCenter21 Aligns with Your Course Standards

Your goal is to teach your students specific skills and concepts. We understand that you also have to meet certain requirements outlined in your course standards. So, you need to make sure that any curriculum you purchase helps students achieve those objectives.

Business&ITCenter21 was developed according to national standards, focused on common skills and topics found in business and technology courses across the US.

We have alignments and crosswalks for many state courses and standards, including:

To see the full list of states we provide alignments for, visit this page: AES Across the United States

What if I don’t find a crosswalk to my specific course?

Because there are hundreds of business education and computer applications courses that teachers use Business&ITCenter21 for, we can’t provide an alignment for every single one.

Though courses vary from state to state, we find many key concepts and skills across the board.

If you’re unable to locate an alignment for your specific course, reach out to our team.

We can help you leverage other resources available to explain how Business&ITCenter21 can help your students hit their objectives.

3. How Business&ITCenter21 Will Help You in the Classroom

If you want Business&ITCenter21 as a resource for your classes, you probably have a good idea of how it will help you be a more successful teacher.

However, explaining this value in a way your administrator will understand isn’t always easy.

Here are a few talking points to help you express the value you see in Business&ITCenter21:

  • With ready-to-use materials and assessments, Business&ITCenter21 can save you time with planning and grading so you can focus on using your expertise to help students learn crucial skills and concepts.
  • As a digital curriculum, Business&ITCenter21 helps keep your curriculum up to date as Microsoft Office and Google Apps change.
  • The digital system provides flexibility for any teaching style and circumstance, including hybrid and remote learning.
  • Business&ITCenter21 makes it easier to differentiate your instruction and meet your diverse students’ needs, including students with IEPs and ELL students in your classroom.
  • With more than 650 hours of curriculum content, Business&ITCenter21 can be used across multiple courses and grade levels.

4. How Business&ITCenter21 Will Help Your Students

Your course needs to prepare your students with the knowledge and skills required for successful careers. To do that, you need to provide effective and engaging learning experiences.

However, business and computer classes often have students with varying degrees of skills and knowledge. That makes it tough to ensure every student is successful.

Business&ITCenter21 can help you create customizable, dynamic, blended learning experiences to ensure your students hit their objectives and prepare for the future.

But how can you express the impact Business&ITCenter21 will have on your students?

Some of the most common benefits teachers tell us their students experience with Business&ITCenter21 are:

  • The ability to work at their own pace within the student-led eLearning lessons.
  • Anytime, anywhere access on any device with internet access allowing students to review the materials as needed to improve their understanding.
  • Interactive, relevant, and age-appropriate lessons keep CTE students more engaged and motivated than traditional textbooks.
  • Blended learning delivery provides information in various ways to help students learn in the way that works best for them.
  • Courses can be created and customized for large classes, or small ones. You can even customize a unique learning path for one student if needed. 

The examples shared above may not all be relevant to your classes, and some areas may be more critical to your administrator than others.

Because of this, focus on the benefits you feel will reflect your students’ needs and resonate most with your administrators.

5. How You Will Measure Success with Business&ITCenter21

Administrators want to make sure that any new resource they purchase will genuinely make a difference to their students’ outcomes, and in turn, the school’s CTE programs.

That means you’ll want to have a plan for keeping tabs and reporting on your students’ success within Business&ITCenter21.

Luckily, the system comes with on-demand reports for grades and student activity that you can access any time - even within a free trial.

Here are a few examples of how you can use these reports to share information with your administrator:

Depending on what’s important to your administrator and the level of detail they want to see, you can pick and choose the information you share.

6. How Much Your Business&ITCenter21 Subscription Will Cost

Even after you’ve explained the value Business&ITCenter21 will add to your classroom, there’s one last question your administrator will inevitably ask: How much does Business&ITCenter21 cost?

In general, a yearly subscription can range from $799 to $75,000, based on:

  • The number of teachers who need access
  • The number of students who need access
  • The plan you choose (Classroom, Campus, or District)

We know this is a huge price range, so let's break it down by the typical cost for each of the three plans:

  • Classroom plans range from $799 to $3,000 per year
  • Campus plans range between $3,000 to $10,000 per year
  • District plans range from $10,000 to $75,000 per year

To determine the specific cost of your yearly subscription based on your needs, click here to request your quote!

Convince Your Administrator to Buy Business&ITCenter21

Now you know the six main questions your administrator will have about Business&ITCenter21.

And you have a clearer idea of how you’ll answer those questions to make your case.

Now it’s time to schedule your meeting and convince your administrator to buy Business&ITCenter21.

As you prepare for your meeting, you’ll want to have your documents and notes organized to make sure you don’t miss sharing anything.

To help you save time and be as prepared as possible, download this quick-reference guide:

guide to convince your administrator to buy Business&ITCenter21