How to Convince Your Administrator to Renew HealthCenter21

You’re excited about renewing HealthCenter21 because of how helpful it was to you and your students this year. 

If you’re like most health science teachers, you need to work with your administration to fund your HealthCenter21 subscription each year.

While renewing feels like a no-brainer to you, sometimes administrators need a reminder of how valuable HealthCenter21 is to your program.

So, you need to explain why your administration should renew HealthCenter21 for you instead of going back to using textbooks or another resource.

Though this may feel overwhelming, you’re not alone!

In our experience, we find that teachers like you are able to renew HealthCenter21 year after year when they confidently answer seven questions their administrators ask:

  1. What is HealthCenter21?
  2. What courses do you use it for?
  3. How effectively did you use the program?
  4. Did HealthCenter21 help students prepare for certifications?
  5. How does it make you a more effective teacher?
  6. How does it help your students?
  7. How much will your HealthCenter21 renewal cost?

In this article, we’ll walk you through each point to help you confidently answer each question your administrator asks.

You’ll also find a downloadable document to fill out and take with you when you meet with your administrator about HealthCenter21.

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1. What HealthCenter21 Is

With so many things on their plate, your administrator may not remember what HealthCenter21 is - even if you gave them the rundown last year.

Or maybe you have a new administrator this year who has never heard of HealthCenter21.

Either way, before asking for the renewal, your administrator must understand what you’re asking to renew!

You could try to come up with your own explanation of HealthCenter21, but there are so many other things to spend your time on.

That’s why we created a short video to answer common questions about HealthCenter21. In this video, Adam Durst, the AES Director of Curriculum, explains:

  • What HealthCenter21 is
  • Who it’s a good fit for
  • Why teachers use HealthCenter21
  • How much it costs

How can I use this video to make a case to my administration?

The best way to leverage this video is to send it to your administrator before meeting with them about renewing HealthCenter21.

After watching the video, your administrator will have a much better understanding of what HealthCenter21 is. That will allow you to spend your in-person meeting about HealthCenter21 digging into the other talking points.

Here’s the direct video link to share with your administrator in preparation for your meeting: Answers to Common Questions About HealthCenter21

2. What Courses You Use HealthCenter21 for

The goal of your classes is to teach students specific objectives found within your course standards. So, your administrator will want to understand how HealthCenter21 aligns with that goal.

Talk about the specific courses you use HealthCenter21 for and (if applicable) how it ties in with your other teaching materials.

If we have an alignment or crosswalk to your course, be sure to reference it to highlight how HealthCenter21 hits your objectives.

You can also explain that HealthCenter21 was developed according to the NCHSE National Health Science Standards and common skills and topics found in health science courses across the United States.

3. How Effectively You Used HealthCenter21

Administrators want to make sure that any resource they purchase genuinely makes a difference to their students’ outcomes, and in turn, the school’s health science program.

That means they’ll want to know how effectively you are using it before they decide to renew HealthCenter21 for another year.

Luckily, the system comes with on-demand reports for grades and student activity that you can download to share with your administrator.

Here are a few examples of how you can use these reports:

Here are a few examples of how you can use these reports to share information with your administrator:

Additionally, you can request an executive summary report to show an overview of student and teacher activity, including hours spent learning, number of logins, and a snapshot of student performance on specific modules:

Depending on what’s important to your administrator and the level of detail they want to see, you can pick and choose the reports and data you share.

4. How HealthCenter21 Prepared Your Students for Certifications

Many health science instructors need to prepare students for end of program assessments or certifications

These certifications often impact your school or district’s funding, so administrators want to ensure funds are spent helping certification pass rates increase.

If that’s the case for your program, you’ll want to explain how HealthCenter21 helped your students prepare for and pass the certification exam. 

The easiest way to do this is to compare your pass rates from before using HealthCenter21 to afterward. If there is a clear increase, the data can speak for itself.

You can also share this article with your administrator to provide additional context during your conversation: Why NHA Test Prep with AES Creates the Best Path to Student Success.

What if I don't have prior data to compare against?

If your program is new or you added a new certification this year, it’s not as clear cut to show how HealthCenter21 helped your students prepare for certifications.

However, you can still find ways to show the value of HealthCenter21 by, discussing:

If you’re unsure how to explain how HealthCenter21 helped your students with certifications reach out to our team

We can help you leverage the resources available to explain how HealthCenter21 prepares your students for certification success!

5. How HealthCenter21 Helps You be a More Effective Teacher

If you’ve already made up your mind about renewing HealthCenter21, you have a good idea of how it helps you be a more successful teacher.

However, explaining this value in a way your administrator will understand isn’t always easy.

Here are a few talking points to help you express the value you see in HealthCenter21:

  • With ready-to-use materials and assessments, HealthCenter21 saves you time with planning and grading so you can focus on using your healthcare expertise to help students prepare for their careers.
  • As a digital curriculum, HealthCenter21 helps keep your curriculum up to date as industry standards or certifications change.
  • The digital system provides flexibility for any teaching style and circumstance, including hybrid and remote learning.
  • HealthCenter21 makes it easier to differentiate your instruction and meet your diverse students’ needs, including students with IEPs and ELL students in your classroom.

Pick one or two of those talking points to expand on, based on what you are most passionate and comfortable talking about.

6. How HealthCenter21 Helps Your Students

The goal of your health science program is to prepare students for their careers. To do that, you need to provide effective, engaging learning experiences in the classroom.

However, health science classes often have students with various skills and knowledge levels, making it tough to ensure that every student is successful.

In general, HealthCenter21 helps teachers create dynamic, blended learning experiences to help students hit their objectives and prepare for healthcare careers.

But how can you express the impact HealthCenter21 had on your unique students?

Some of the most common benefits health science teachers tell us their students experience with HealthCenter21 are:

  • The ability to work at their own pace within the student-led eLearning lessons.
  • Anytime, anywhere access on any device with internet access allowing students to review the materials as needed to improve their understanding.
  • Interactive, relevant, and age-appropriate lessons keep CTE students more engaged and motivated than traditional textbooks.
  • Blended learning delivery provides information in various ways to help students learn in the way that works best for them.

The examples shared above may not all be relevant to your classes, and some areas may be more important to your administrator than others.

Because of this, focus on the benefits that reflect your students’ experience and resonate most with your administrators.

7. How Much Your HealthCenter21 Renewal Will Cost

Though you may have an idea of how much your subscription was last year, your administrator will want to know what they can expect to pay for your renewal.

Even if you aren’t sure about your exact student count, you can still come up with a rough estimate of what your renewal will cost.

Watch the video below for a refresher on how HealthCenter21 pricing works and price ranges based on common scenarios:

After watching the video, you’ll have a clearer idea of what your subscription could cost for the year - even with your exact license count up in the air.

Along with a ballpark number, your administrator will likely ask for a quote or proposal with specific pricing information. Click here to request your renewal quote.

Convince Your Administrator to Renew HealthCenter21!

Now you know the seven major questions your administrator will have about HealthCenter21. 

And you have a clearer idea of how you’ll answer those questions and what resources can help you make your case.

Now it’s time to schedule your meeting and convince them to renew your subscription! When you schedule the meeting, consider including your account manager. They’ll be happy to join you or make additional suggestions based on your unique situation.

Whether or not your account manager attends the meeting, you’ll want to have your documents and notes organized to make sure you don’t miss sharing any crucial information.

To help you save time and be as prepared as possible, download this quick-reference guide:

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