Business&ITCenter21: Customer Service

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The Customer Service module is purposed to help students understand the importance of an employee's role in customer service and the importance of customer service in business.


Activity: Examine Customer Service

This explore activity will help students identify both good and poor examples of customer service behaviors. Students will review 3 scenarios, after which the class will discuss using guiding questions.


Activity: In the Customer's Shoes

This explore activity will help students look at the customer's point of view. Based on a given scenario, students will have to create the customer's backstory to explain the customer's behavior. After creating the backstory, students will use guiding questions to discuss dealing with difficult customers.


Unit: Introduction to Customer Service


Introduction to Customer Service defines customer service, highlights key factors in good customer service, and explores how customer service affects the customer experience.


  1. Customer Service Defined
  2. The Importance of Customer Service
  3. Effectively Communicating with Customers
  4. Quiz


Unit: Empathy


Students will define empathy and learn how it is used to improve customer service.


  1. Identifying Others' Emotions
  2. Customer Response
  3. Expressing Empathy
  4. Let Me Try
  5. Quiz


Unit: Customer Service Representative


Students will learn the characteristics needed to be good in the role, the duties required of a customer service rep, and how to handle tense situations.


  1. Customer Service Representative Characteristics
  2. Customer Service Representative Duties
  3. Handling Tense Situations
  4. Quiz


Activity: Reflection Questions and Discussion

In this activity, students will answer questions crafted to provoke critical thinking about customer service and its role in business. Students can answer these questions in their learning journals and/or this can be a class discussion.


Activity: Evaluating Customer Service

Students will identify good and poor customer service characteristics from real-life customer service experiences. This activity will require the students to complete a questionnaire based on their last experience with customer service at a local business.


Activity: Current Event


Students will review articles for information related to a topic in the module. Once an article is found, students complete a Current Event form.

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