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Microsoft Access Fundamentals (365)

microsoft-access-365This module provides an overview of database theory as students gain practical experience with Microsoft Access 365.

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Phase: Learn & Practice


Unit 1: Introduction to Microsoft Access

In this unit, students will learn about Microsoft Access basics, including databases, tables, records and fields, data integrity, and the difference between a database and a database management system. Then they will use Microsoft Access to open and save databases, use data sheets and form views, and search and update records.


  1. Microsoft Access Tour
  2. Getting Started with Microsoft Access

Unit 2: Database Tables

In this unit, students will learn about creating their database tables and forms in Access as they use datasheet views, add fields to a form, arrange controls on a form, and understand data types and primary keys.


  1. Create Your Own Table
  2. Create Your Own Form

Unit 3: Queries and Reports

Students learn about searching, sorting, and filtering database tables in Microsoft Access in this unit. They will also learn about table relationships, primary and foreign keys, creating queries between tables, using the Query Wizard, filtering query requests, and creating a report based on a query.


  1. Searching and Filtering
  2. Relationships and Queries
  3. Reports

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