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Business&ITCenter21: Microsoft Excel Business Project (365)

This module provides students the opportunity take on the role of an intern at a movie theater and update a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to present financial income data for a meeting.

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Unit: Module Resources

The Lesson Plan and assessment rubric for the module.


Unit: Income Statement Project (Part 1)

In this unit, students will learn about: entering financial equations in an Excel spreadsheet, formatting the data and graphing the net income results. 

  1. Your Internship 
  2. Your Task (Part 1)
  3. Implementation Overview 
  4. Implement - Enter Calculations 
  5. Implement - Format Spreadsheet 
  6. Implement - Create a Graph 
  7. Quiz


Unit: Income Statement Project (Part 2)

In this unit, students will learn about: analyzing options in Excel to determine which has the best result on gross profit, using this analysis to select the best option, and showing how it affects next year's net income for the movie theater. 

  1. Your Task (Part 2)
  2. Implementation Overview 
  3. Implement - Option 1, Increase Ticket Prices 
  4. Implement - Option 2, Second Run Movies 
  5. Implement - Calculate Net Income 
  6. Implement - Review and Revise 
  7. Quiz

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