Business&ITCenter21: Microsoft Excel Fundamentals (2013)

Microsoft Excel 2013 Lesson Plans

This module provides an overview of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, including rows and columns, selecting cells, entering formulas and functions, and formatting data and text.


Unit: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

In this unit, students will learn about: Microsoft Excel basics such as rows and columns, entering text, Auto Fill, using absolute and relative cell references, and functions and formulas including conditional formulas. 


  1. Microsoft Excel Tour 
  2. A Pancake Recipe (Part 1) 
  3. A Pancake Recipe (Part 2) 
  4. Coffee Shop Inventory 
  5. Quiz


Unit: Microsoft Excel Formatting

In this unit, students will learn about: using data and character formats to make their spreadsheet look great as they hide and unhide columns, change cell formats, merge cells, add cell borders, create headers and footers, and format text including conditional formatting. 

  1. Overdue Library Books 
  2. Make It Look Great 
  3. Quiz


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