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Business&ITCenter21: Microsoft Excel Skills Project (2016)

This module provides a deeper understanding of Microsoft Excel as students complete several hands on activities based around a scenario of helping a local sports club determine profits for their food stands.

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Unit: Module Resources

The Lesson Plan, assessment sheets and student checklist for the module.


Unit: Worksheet Data and Cells

In this unit, students will learn about: importing "raw" data and then formatting the data by adjusting column widths, wrapping text, aligning text, merging cells, formatting numbers and text and adding borders and fill colors to cells. 

  1. Importing Worksheet Data 
  2. Adjusting Cells and Manage Worksheets 
  3. Aligning Text and Merge Cells 
  4. Formatting Numbers and Text 
  5. Adding Cell Borders 
  6. Using Cell Fill Colors 
  7. Quiz


Unit: Functions, Formulas, and Tables

In this unit, students will learn about: inserting functions and formulas to determine gross and net profits as they review concepts such as the order of operations and relative/absolute cell references, and creating Excel tables, including adding total rows and columns. 

  1. Using Functions, Part 1 
  2. Using Functions, Part 2 
  3. Entering Formulas, Part 1 
  4. Entering Formulas, Part 2 
  5. Creating Excel Tables, Part 1 
  6. Creating Excel Tables, Part 2 
  7. Quiz


Unit: Workbooks, Worksheets, and Charts

In this unit, students will learn about: workbooks and worksheets as they copy data and worksheets from one workbook into another. Then they create pie, column, and line charts showing profit information. 

  1. Copying Data between Workbooks 
  2. Copying a Worksheet Tab between Workbooks 
  3. Referencing Multiple Worksheets 
  4. Creating a Pie Chart 
  5. Creating a Column Chart 
  6. Creating a Line Chart 
  7. Creating Your Own Chart 
  8. Quiz


Unit: What-If Analysis and Printing

In this unit, students will learn about: What-If Analysis tools as they walk-through a What-If analysis on the effect of loss of volunteers on net profit and then they create a What-If analysis on how rent effects net profits. Students format and output information from their Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file and a print-out. 

  1. Creating a What-If Analysis Data Table 
  2. Creating Your Own What-If Analysis 
  3. Preparing to Print 
  4. Printing Your Spreadsheet 
  5. Quiz


Unit: Loan Calculation and Analysis

This activity provides students with challenges to expand what they have learned by determining loan calculations and more what-if analyses.

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