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Business&ITCenter21: Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals (2016)

This module provides an overview of Microsoft PowerPoint fundamentals, including creating effective presentations that are interesting, engaging, and functional.

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Unit: Creating Presentations

In this unit, students will learn about: the do's and don'ts of developing effective presentations. 

  1. Making an Effective Presentation 
  2. Vacation Ideas Presentation 
  3. Quiz


Unit: Links, Shapes, and Photo Albums

In this unit, students will learn about: adding interest and function to presentations using text boxes, WordArt, hyperlinks, action buttons, and photo albums with captions. 

  1. Game Show, Part 1 
  2. Game Show, Part 2 
  3. Photo Album 
  4. Quiz


Unit: Charts and Graphs

In this unit, students will: understand the benefits of using charts and graphs; recognize basic charts, such as pie, column, bar, and line charts; know when to use different types of charts; and create charts in PowerPoint.

  1. Presenting Data Visually
  2. Environmental Scenario
  3. Daily Activity Scenario
  4. Quiz


Reinforce Project: Who's Who - Show and Tell


This project is part of a larger group of projects based around a single theme about well-known people. Prior to beginning any of the projects, students need to generate a list of well-known people in a profession or area of life.

In this activity, students choose one person from a list of well-known people in a specific profession. Students then research and create a presentation for the person. The presentation will have six slides. The first slide will be a Title Slide. Slides two through five, will present information about the person. The sixth and final slide in the presentation will be the Sources slide, listing the Internet sources of the information in the presentation.


1. Show and Tell

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