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Business&ITCenter21: Microsoft Word Skills Project (2016)

This module provides students the opportunity to create a Microsoft Word document based on a topic they choose as they research, draft and revise their documents. Then they can peer review and organize their document using lists and tables, and enhance it using text boxes and shapes. A final edit is done before the document is prepared and published as a PDF.

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Unit: Module Resources

The Lesson Plan, assessment sheets and student checklist for the module.


Unit: Research and Draft a Document

In this unit students will learn about: the writing process as they select their topic, research and brainstorm. They record research by creating lists of information, using clip art and/or cutting and pasting images from a web browser. Next, students write their draft document, creating and formatting paragraphs from their research, and moving images. 

  1. The Writing Process and Pre-Writing 
  2. Finish Your Pre-Writing 
  3. Start Your Draft 
  4. Finish Your Draft 
  5. Quiz


Unit: Peer Review a Document

In this unit students will learn about peer review as they share their documents with other students. Before sharing, students restrict editing to comments only on their documents. Peer reviewers enter comments and return documents. Students work comments into their documents. This unit is optional. If the unit is skipped it must be removed. 

  1. Share Your Document 
  2. Review a Document 
  3. Revise Your Document 
  4. Quiz


Unit: Revise, Edit and Publish a Document

In this unit students will learn about tables and revision as they create, adjust and enhance tables from scratch and convert text into tables. They organize information into multilevel lists and tables and further improve their documents by adding text boxes and shapes, tables of contents, and headers and footers before publishing as PDFs. 

  1. Revise Your Writing and Lists 
  2. Working with Tables 
  3. Completing Your Tables 
  4. Adding Text Boxes and Shapes 
  5. Edit Your Document 
  6. Publish Your Document 
  7. Quiz


Unit: Project Enhancements

This activity provides students with additional challenges to expand what they have learned in the project.

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