Computer Applications: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2016 Lessons

This module provides an overview of the purposes and uses of each Microsoft Office application. Students will practice opening and downloading applications, saving files, and explore the Microsoft Help system.


Unit: Introduction

In this unit, students will learn about: using the best Microsoft Office application for the job and the basics of working with files and folders. 

  1. Microsoft Office Tour 
  2. Office Applications 
  3. Files and Folders 
  4. Working with Files 
  5. Quiz


Unit: Common Office Features

In this unit, students will learn about: important, common features of Microsoft applications, including the ribbon, shortcuts, dialog boxes, and shortcuts along with navigating, getting help, and printing. 

  1. The Ribbon 
  2. Shortcuts 
  3. Navigating a Document 
  4. Dialog Boxes 
  5. Getting Help 
  6. Printing 
  7. Quiz

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