Computer Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals (2013)

This module provides an overview of Microsoft PowerPoint basics, including adding slides, changing slide views and themes, spell checking, creating text boxes, adding WordArt, inserting clip art and audio clips, defining hyperlinks and Action Buttons, and creating effective presentations.


Unit: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

In this unit, students will learn about: using basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint, creating effective presentations, and exploring themes, views, slide layout, clip art, photographs, spell checking and audio clips. 

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint Tour 
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Basics 
  3. Effective Presentations 
  4. Quiz



Unit: Text Boxes, Links & Graphics

In this unit, students will learn about: text boxes, clip art, shapes, WordArt, hyperlinks, and Action Buttons as they download and use images from a ZIP file and create a PowerPoint Photo Album with captions. 

  1. Game Show, Part 1 
  2. Game Show, Part 2 
  3. Photo Album 
  4. Quiz

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