Computer Applications: Microsoft Word Essentials (2016)

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This module provides an introduction to the essentials of Microsoft Word, including opening and saving files, entering and formatting text, and using editing and review tools.


Unit: Introduction

In this unit, students will learn about: the basics of Microsoft Word; including parts of the screen; views; entering text, special characters and symbols; font styles and effects; and formatting text. 

  1. Microsoft Word Tour 
  2. Working with Text 
  3. Formatting Text 
  4. Quiz


Unit: Editing and Review Tools

In this unit, students will learn about: editing tools such as cut, copy and paste; review tools, including readability statistics and a thesaurus; and find and replace tools. 

  1. Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools 
  2. Review Tools 
  3. Find and Replace Tools 
  4. Quiz


Project: Who's Who - Getting an Autograph

This project is part of a larger group of projects based around a single theme about well-known people. Prior to beginning any of the projects, students need to generate a list of well-known people from a specific profession. Read the "Who's Who Project Guide for information.

In this project, students research and then write a formal letter to one of the well-known paople asking for an autographed photo.

  1. Getting an Autograph

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