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Domestic Violence

Healthcare professionals, at some point, will encounter victims of domestic violence. This module will prepare learners to handle these encounters with accuracy and professionalism. This module is designed to meet requirements of a 2-hour course for domestic violence education.

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Phase: Learn & Practice


Unit 1: Domestic Violence and the Healthcare Professional

In this unit, learners will: define domestic violence; identify those at risk for domestic violence; recognize behaviors associated with domestic violence; and identify proper documentation. In addition, teachers have the option of using the classroom activity, which allows students to explore domestic violence resources available in their communities. 

  1. Introduction to Domestic Violence 
  2. Who's at Risk 
  3. Screening and Assessment 
  4. Documentation 
  5. Quiz

Phase: Reinforce


Activity: Domestic Violence Research

In this activity, students research state and local domestic violence resources by answering questions given to them.


Activity: Current Event

Students will review articles for information related to a topic in the module. Once an article is found, students complete a Current Event form.

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