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EHR Simulation

This module provides a basic introduction to EHR systems through hands-on experience using an EHR simulation. The simulation is based on common, real-life scenarios students may encounter as medical assistants. The scenarios cover both front office and clinical tasks.

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EHR Simulation

Unit 1: Scheduling Appointments

In this unit, students schedule several appointments in the EHR simulation, including routine and urgent appointments and appointments for new and existing patients.

1. Existing Patient Call - Annual Physical
2. Existing Patient Call - Abdominal Pain
3. New Patient Call - Sore Back
4. New Patient Call - Other Responsible Party


Unit 2: Other Front Office Tasks

In this unit, students perform several front office tasks, such as checking patients in and out of the office and documenting lab results.

1. Existing Patient Arrival
2. New Patient Arrival
3. Walk-in Patient
4. Patient Check-Out
5. Process Pending Lab Orders


Unit 3: Clinical Tasks

In this unit, students use the EHR simulation to document clinical tasks, which include taking vital signs, reviewing systems, performing POC testing, and giving a vaccination.

1. Document Height, Weight, and Vitals
2. Document Chief Complaint and ROS
3. Reconcile Allergies and Medication
4. Document Clinical Findings
5. Document a Vaccination


Unit 4: EHR Simulation Sandbox

In this unit, students can use the EHR simulation in a free-form mode (called the sandbox mode) without guidance from the system. Using the provided Lesson Plan, teachers must create scenarios for students to complete using the sandbox mode.

1. Sandbox

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