HealthCenter21: Infection Control

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This module provides an overview of the importance of protecting oneself and others from disease-causing microorganisms, as students learn about microorganisms, asepsis, hand washing, basic equipment cleaning, autoclaving, personal protective equipment, sterile technique, and transmission-based precautions. Students practice donning and removing protective garments and working in an isolation unit.

The Infection Control module is designed according to the AES course framework, which includes four phases:

  1. Explore
  2. Learn & Practice
  3. Reflect
  4. Reinforce

Below you'll discover how AES can help you teach your students about infection control according to these four phases.

Phase 1: Explore


Activity: Hand Washing

In this activity, student will investigate how improperly cleaning your hands can leave many germs on their skin.

Phase 2: Learn & Practice


Unit 1: Introduction to Infection Control

In this unit, students will learn about: disease and prevention as they define classes of microorganisms and the infectious diseases, learn the chain of infection and methods for disease prevention in a health care setting and practice procedures for cleansing hands and medical equipment. 

  1. Microorganisms 
  2. Infections 
  3. Asepsis 
  4. Hand Cleansing 
  5. Cleaning Equipment 
  6. Quiz

Unit 2: Standard Precautions

In this unit, students will learn about: standard precautions used to prevent disease in a health care setting as they practice procedures for donning and removing gowns, masks, eyewear, and non-sterile gloves. 

  1. Standard Precautions 
  2. Gowns 
  3. Masks and Eyewear 
  4. Non-Sterile Gloves 
  5. Quiz

Unit 3: Transmission-Based Precautions

In this unit, students will learn about: communicable diseases and transmission-based precautions as they practice procedures for donning and removing transmission-based garments and transferring linens and trash from an isolation unit. 

  1. Transmission-Based Precautions 
  2. Transmission-Based Garments 
  3. Isolation Units 
  4. Quiz

Unit 4: Sterile Technique

In this unit, students will learn about: sterile fields and handling sterile packages. They learn the procedure for donning and removing sterile gloves. 

  1. Sterile Field 
  2. Sterile Gloves 
  3. Autoclave 
  4. Quiz

Phase 3: Reflect


Activity: Reflection Questions and Discussion

In this activity, students will journal about: the chain of infection; the differences between clean, disinfect, and sterile; why it is important for health care workers to frequently clean their hands. A class discussion can follow.

Phase 4: Reinforce


Activity: Hand Washing

In this activity, student demonstrate how to properly wash their hands to eliminate microorganisms.


Activity: Observing Microorganism Growth

In this activity, students collect microorganisms from common objects and observe their growth over several days using petri dishes.


Activity: Chain of Infection Poster

In this activity, students create a poster depicting strategies for breaking the chain of infection based on their research of sanitation and disinfection.


Activity: Current Event

Students will review articles for information related to a topic in the module. Once an article is found, students complete a Current Event form.

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