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HealthCenter21: A&P - Sensory System

This module provides an overview of the structure and function of the sensory system and diseases and disorders related to the system. Specifically, students will learn about several general senses, such as touch and pain, and the special senses of vision, hearing, smell, and taste. 

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The Sensory System module is designed according to the AES course framework, which includes four phases:

  1. Explore
  2. Learn & Practice
  3. Reflect
  4. Reinforce

Below you'll discover how AES can help you teach your students about the sensory system according to these four phases.

Phase 1: Explore


Trivia Questions

This trivia challenge includes a mix of interesting and challenging facts about the sensory system to kickstart student learning. This activity can be done individually or in teams as a game.

Phase 2: Learn & Practice


Unit 1: Structure and Function

In this unit, students learn about the general function of the sensory system, types of sensory receptors, and the difference between general and special senses. They delve deeper into several general senses, including touch, pain, and proprioception; and special senses, including vision, hearing, smell, and taste.


Unit 2: Diseases and Disorders

In this unit, students learn about diseases and disorders related to the sensory system, including their symptoms, causes, and treatments.


Phase 3: Reflect


Questions and Discussion

This activity provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon and apply what they learned to situations in their lives and health-related settings. The questions encourage students to consider what they learned about the sensory system and how it connects to other systems.

Students can complete this assignment as homework or teachers can use the questions to lead a class discussion.


Phase 4: Reinforce


Crossword Puzzle

For this activity, students complete a crossword puzzle about the sensory system to reinforce the glossary words and medical terminology. Students can work individually or in small groups to complete the puzzles.

Advanced Treatment Research Project

Students research an advanced treatment for a disease or disorder related to the sensory system to understand better medical procedures beyond the typical treatments. Students are encouraged to explore current, innovative, cutting-edge, non-traditional, and other treatment options as part of this project.

Students can work individually or in small groups to create a research paper or presentation.

Careers Research

In this activity, students research three healthcare careers related to the sensory system. This activity is an opportunity to apply what they learned in the lessons to career opportunities. This activity can be completed as homework, as in-class work, or as a presentation.

Diseases and Disorders Research

Students research a disease or disorder related to sensory system in greater detail than presented in the module. Students explain the etiology, pathology, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and potential disease prevention. Students can complete the activity as homework, as in-class work, or as a presentation.

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