Digital Curriculum Systems:
The Next Leap Forward in Education


Video: Digital Curriculum

Is this your first time hearing about digital curriculum? 

It's one of the most versatile and powerful teaching tools to break into mainstream education! 

It helps teachers plan, teach, and assess their students. It helps students learn. It even helps administrators prove that their programs wor!

Get up to speed with a quick video!


What Is Digital Curriculum?

Is this your first time hearing about digital curriculum systems? 

It can be intimidating to pick up a new classroom resource, especially when it's new technology. 

How much time does it take to learn? What does it even include? 

These are all excellent questions — and they have excellent answers!

Learn the basics about digital curriculum, what it includes, and how it can revolutionize your classroom!

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The Best Ways Real Teachers Use AES Digital Curriculum

AES has been around since 1987. That means thousands of teachers have used our digital curriculum systems in dozens of ways! 

Whether you want to prep your students for certifications, meet state standards, or just save a few hours of lesson planning every week, our digital curriculum systems will help. 

Learn how our teachers use AES in their classrooms! 

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The Top Difficulties Teachers Have with Digital Curriculum

Every new education resource takes some time to learn. 

Bored students, funding requests, repeat test questions — our teachers have experienced all of the ups and downs you can imagine as they learned the ropes of digital curriculum. 

Now, you can learn the biggest pitfalls that teachers have experienced so you don't have to repeat their mistakes! 

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“AES is straightforward, easy for both students and teachers to use, and it's adaptable for a variety of skill levels for differentiation. In addition, the content provides rigor and relevance.”

Teresa Commerford
Bucklin High School, Kansas


Digital Curriculum vs. Hand-Made Curriculum: Which Is Better?

How does digital curriculum stack up against teacher-made curriculum?

More importantly, is there enough room in a classroom for both digital curriculum and teacher-made curriculum? 

Find out for yourself in this blog post! 

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How Digital Curriculum Helps Stop Cheating

Cheating is a pandemic in the American education system from elementary schools to post-secondary. 

Part of the battle is understanding why students cheat in the first place. 

Learn why students cheat and how digital curriculum helps you stop it! 

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“This program is so incredibly helpful, handy, and versatile. I have four different preps, and all four can use this as a foundation for the class. ”

Courtney Becknell
East Jessamine Middle School, KY


The 5 Biggest Problems with Digital Curriculum

No teaching tool is perfect. 

So what's the downside to using digital curriculum? 

It turns out that teachers have the biggest trouble with these five key areas. 

Fortunately, you can avoid them! 

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Digital Curriculum vs. Textbooks

Textbooks are the time-honored educational resource of choice for many teachers. 

But how do they stack up against digital curriculum? 

This is everything you need to know about digital curriculum and textbooks. 

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