What Is Digital Curriculum?

Digital curriculum is online teaching software that empowers teachers with pre-made materials, automatic class tracking, and simplified classroom management so they can save time and help students learn.

Most developers offer a digital curriculum with a learning management system (LMS), interactive lessons, pre-made lesson plans, printable worksheets, ready-made presentations, automatic assessments, and a whole lot more.

For these reasons, digital curriculum has become exceptionally popular in career and technical education (CTE), middle schools, and elective courses.

At Applied Educational Systems, we’ve hand-tailored digital curriculum solutions for these teachers.

We’ve also refined our curriculum options to meet the biggest needs we found.

But what are those needs? And what do our solutions entail?

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Our Digital Curriculum Options

We offer two digital curriculum options that cover four education areas.

  1. CTE health science (HealthCenter21)
  2. Introduction to business (Business&ITCenter21)
  3. Middle school career readiness (Business&ITCenter21)
  4. Middle school computer applications (Business&ITCenter21)

So what’s the big picture on these digital curriculum solutions?

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Those are our digital curriculum options in a nutshell.

Each curriculum is completely integrated with our LMS. That means no matter what curriculum you buy, you’ll get:

  • Automatic grading
  • Student progress tracking
  • Course creation options
  • Course customization options
  • Assessment customization options
  • Data reporting
  • Student reporting
  • Online activities
  • Printable in-class materials
  • Student projects
  • Lecture materials
  • More

Each curriculum comes with its own “modules,” or collections of lessons and materials. That includes digital lessons with accompanying lesson plans, worksheets, lecture resources, and more.

You can use these resources however you’d like. Some of our teachers use digital curriculum as the core of their classroom. Others use it as a supplement to a course they’ve already established.

Either way, you win in the end. You either create a new course from the ground up or streamline your current course to improve student success. 

Even with the difficulties you may experience using digital curriculum for the first time, the payoffs of including digital curriculum in your classroom are enormous! 

Now, let’s get into some specifics about the digital curriculum solutions you can get from AES.

1. Health Science 


AES health science curriculum is our digital curriculum for teaching the CTE health science pathway.

We developed this curriculum based on the needs of health science teachers and national health science standards. Whether an instructor teaches anatomy & physiology, phlebotomy, or any other health science course, they all want three things:

  1. To help students succeed
  2. To get students certified
  3. To save time planning

We meet these needs by providing a digital health science curriculum and integrating it with our LMS.

To start, we created over 600 hours of versatile curriculum to help teachers start. These 600 hours include an enormous range of different topics that apply to state standards and third-party certifications.

With so much at your disposal, teachers have found incredible success with this curriculum.

They’ve helped students remember material.

They’ve helped students get certified.

They’ve even saved personal time — sometimes as many as 10 hours per week!

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. You can check out some of our successful teachers for yourself!

Who Else Is Using AES Health Science Curriculum?

AES has been in business for more than 30 years. As a result, we have a diverse range of teachers in our community who use AES curriculum to succeed!

“The teachers prepare the students for the CMAA certification and they use mostly AES modules. It depends on the school, but Harmony High School has 100% passing, and St. Cloud High School is 92-96% passing.”

Griselle Figueroa-Martorell

School District of Osceola County, Florida

“AES has saved me probably close to 10 hours a week… Being married and having two small children, I’m headed home at 3:30 to play with my kids. It has given me back family time.”

Tyler Page

Brantley County Middle School, Georgia

“AES has made the classroom a lot less hectic and more conducive to learning. If I didn’t have AES, I would have to spend time creating worksheets, making copies, things like that for students to work on while others did skills check-offs.”

Andy Garrett

Thompson High School, Alabama

Check It Out for Yourself

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2. Business Education 


AES business education curriculum is our digital curriculum that packages several major subject areas for middle school and early high school. 

  1. Business education
  2. Career readiness
  3. Computer applications
  4. Digital citizenship

Combined, this curriculum has more than 400 hours of material you can use.

It contains a huge variety of modules on different topics, including entrepreneurship, digital citizenship, Google applications, Microsoft Office, and more.

With all of this in one package, AES is one of the most versatile digital curriculum solutions on the market today.

Best of all, it uses the same LMS as our other product. That means it’s intuitive, convenient, and easy, complete with automatic grading.

We hear that many of our teachers choose to use AES business education curriculum as a supplement to the classes they’ve already established.

Sometimes, that means kickstarting a course on business management.

Other times, it means introducing concepts like digital literacy.

Regardless, our teachers have reported stellar results from using AES. Just check out a few of their results below! 

Who Else Is Using AES Business Education Curriculum?

From California to Florida, teachers using AES love to talk about how it’s changed the way they work.

“Grading and lesson plans… Between the two, you have saved me countless hours.”

Lori Hooper

Berrendo Middle School, New Mexico

“For a new teacher, having the pre-developed lessons in AES is a huge time saver.”

Reginald Reynolds

Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, Florida

“I knew business, but I didn’t really know how to go in there and create lesson plans… As a new teacher, AES helped a lot.”

William Graham

Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Georgia

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If you want to get a first-hand look at AES business education curriculum, you can check out a demo!

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3. Career Readiness


AES career readiness curriculum is a leading curriculum resource for any instructor who wants to prep their students for real-world work.

This digital curriculum comes with over 100 class hours of work, including eLearning lessons, presentations, activities, projects, and assessments.

Our career readiness curriculum also uses the same great LMS as our last two products.

We designed our curriculum to help instructors teach students about important parts of the 21st Century workplace.

Out of the 10 available modules, our teachers frequently use Career Development, Digital Citizenship, and Professionalism.


Because in the 21st Century, these are essential skills.

If students don’t know these skills — even when they may be common sense to other students — they’re not setting themselves up for success in the future.

That’s why we have so many teachers eagerly using AES. With it, they can even help students research jobs to jumpstart their workplace experience. 

Who Else Is Using Career Readiness?

Career readiness is a hot topic right now, especially for middle schools.

That’s a big reason why career readiness is our fastest-growing curriculum area! 

“We are really pushing college and career readiness, and AES reinforces it.”

Kelsey Kemp

Parkway Middle School, Florida

“AES is the first bold step in bridging the disconnect between the classroom and the workplace.”

Lynn Huggins

Merrill F. West High School, California

“Employers want to know students have those critical thinking skills, those problem solving skills, the soft skills… [Business&ITCenter21] taps into those skills.”

Pamela Bunch

Smith High School, North Carolina

Check It Out for Yourself

If you want to get a first-hand look at CareerCenter21, you can check out the Business&ITCenter21 demo!

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4. Computer Applications Curriculum (Business&ITCenter21)


In the United States, computer skills are essential to maintaining a successful, lucrative, and long-term career.

That’s why so many of our teachers use our computer applications curriculum.

We have an enormous list of computer applications modules totaling 247 in-class hours.

We cover Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 — something exceptionally rare in the digital curriculum market.

We regularly update our computer applications curriculum to cover updates and innovations made in the industry.

That means our program never goes out of date for the products we cover. That stands in stark contrast to textbooks, which are outdated any time a company rolls out a new update.

We were also the first digital curriculum developer to address Google Applications and their growing presence in the workforce.

With that in mind, students can familiarize themselves with both Google and Microsoft products so that they’re prepared for any workplace’s software choice. 

Who Else Is Using the Computer Applications Curriculum?

Computer applications teachers use our digital curriculum to the best possible advantage.

Whether they want students to get Microsoft certifications, learn Google applications, or understand networking, our teachers can do it all. 

“Last year was my first year using Business&ITCenter21. We were able to get more Microsoft Office Specialist certifications this year than we did last year. We were number one in the state for most certifications.”

Lakesha Kirkland

Shaw High School, Georgia

“For teachers, I think [Business&ITCenter21] is fantastic. Now that we’re doing the Microsoft Office Certification, Business&ITCenter21 is a lifesaver.”

Daisy Questell

Liberty Middle School, Florida

“With Business&ITCenter21, students can easily learn the Microsoft Office package in little or no time.”

Lillian Willis

Princeton Community Middle School, Ohio

Check It Out for Yourself

If you want to get a first-hand look at our computer applications curriculum, you can check out a Business&ITCenter21 demo!

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