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Does AES Grade Electronic Worksheet Responses?

Teachers often ask us about the worksheets that students can use in conjunction with the interactive lessons.

Specifically, they ask if the electronic worksheets are automatically graded by the AES system.

While we don’t provide automatic grading options for the worksheets, we want to do our best in helping you and your students make the most of these materials.

In this article, we’ll answer your questions about why electronic worksheets aren’t automatically graded. You’ll also find tips on how other teachers assign grades to their students’ worksheets.

Why Doesn’t AES Grade the Electronic Worksheets?

There are three main reasons that electronic worksheets aren’t graded within the AES system:

  1. The intended purpose of the worksheets
  2. The types of questions found in the worksheets
  3. The cost of implementing an automatic grading system

The Purpose of the Student Worksheets

When worksheets were first added to the AES system, they were strictly available as printable PDFs.

That’s because the worksheets were created to help increase student understanding and retention of information.

By writing out responses to questions, students can better recall and apply what was discussed in the lessons.

Though some teachers chose to hand-grade their students’ paper worksheets, most teachers provided these worksheets as a way for students to take notes.

In hindsight, it may have been more accurate to call the worksheets ‘study guides’ or ‘guided notes’ to align with their intended purpose.

Though the worksheets are now available in an electronic format, this intended purpose remains.

The student worksheets are another way for your students to learn and record information to help them be more prepared for quizzes and tests.

This purpose directly ties in with the second reason the electronic worksheets aren’t graded.

The Types of Questions Found in the Worksheets

The questions found on the student worksheets don’t easily lend themselves to being automatically graded. 

To help students better retain information, many of the questions require students to write or type out a detailed answer.

Though some of these are fill-in-the-blank style questions, you’ll also find many open-ended questions on the worksheets.


Some questions even ask students to summarize information or note their interpretation or opinion of the concepts discussed in the lesson.

Due to these factors, it would be very difficult to accurately grade student answers with an automatic grading system.

The Cost of Implementing an Automatic Grading System

The third reason we don’t automatically grade the electronic student worksheets is the projected cost.

While there are some automatic grading systems out there, the cost to implement this type of system within AES isn’t something we plan to invest in.

This is due to the fact that any cost for an automatic grading system would ultimately be passed onto you, our customers.

How Do Other Teachers Assign Grades to the Student Worksheets?

While AES doesn’t provide automatic grading, hundreds of teachers like you have found ways to assign grades for the electronic worksheets.

Based on conversations with teachers, there are three main ways you could assign grades to the student worksheets:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Completion
  3. Random spot-checks

To learn how you can grade your students' worksheets using these grading styles, read the Help Center article:

How to Assign Grades to Your Students' Worksheets