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Welcome! Applied Educational Systems creates digital curriculum systems for health science, business education, career readiness, and computer applications teachers. 

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What Does AES Help You Teach?

Great question! Our curriculum options help instructors teach health science, business education, career readiness, and computer applications.

All of that is covered in two curriculum packages — HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21.

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This digital curriculum is designed for health science instructors in career and technical education (CTE).

You're a good fit if:

   green-checkmark-bullet You teach health science
   green-checkmark-bullet You teach in a middle school, high school, or CTC
   green-checkmark-bullet You teach introductory courses

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This digital curriculum is designed for business, computer, and career readiness teachers in middle schools.

You're a good fit if:

   blue-checkmark-bullet You teach business, computer apps, or career skills
   blue-checkmark-bullet You teach in a middle school or high school
   blue-checkmark-bullet You teach hundreds of students at a time

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What Can You Do with the AES Digital Curriculum?


HealthCenter21 covers health science subjects, from health career exploration through certification prep. It's perfect for teaching CTE health science courses.

Business&ITCenter21 covers Microsoft Office, Google Apps, business education, career skills, and more. It's a great fit for a huge range of classes and topics.


HealthCenter21 helps teachers the most in high schools or career and technical centers. Some material can be too complex for younger students, though some teachers successfully use HealthCenter21 in middle schools.

Business&ITCenter21 works best with students in 6th-9th grade. Some teachers use Business&ITCenter21 in high school, but the material is too "young" for post-secondary and adult learners.

Certification Prep

HealthCenter21 is not affiliated with any certification provider. However, teachers use HealthCenter21 to prep students for certification exams and improve pass rates!

Though Business&ITCenter21 is not certification prep, many teachers use the activities, lessons, and assessments to help prep students for certifications like MOS and IC3!

Problems Solved

HealthCenter21 always stays up-to-date, it's easy to use (even for first-year teachers), and accommodates a huge range of student learning levels. To learn more, check out the problems we solve.

Business&ITCenter21 helps educators teach business, career readiness, and computer applications. It comes with built-in learning management tools as well so you can teach multiple classes in a marking period. To learn more, check out the problems we solve.

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How Much Does It Cost?


HealthCenter21 is priced according to the number of students you teach, among other factors. 

For more information, click below to check out our pricing page!

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Business&ITCenter21 is priced according to the students you teach and the size of the need in your school or district. 

For more information, check out our pricing page by clicking below!

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Great news! You can check out the demo for HealthCenter21 & Business&ITCenter21 for yourself!


HealthCenter21 is the go-to choice for health science instructors who want to take their students from zero to certified.

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Business&ITCenter21 helps teachers teach business, career skills, and computer applications all in one convenient package.

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