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"HealthCenter21 saves me close to 10 hours a week. I'm not having to spend hours and hours before or after school creating lesson plans. It has given me back my family time."

Tyler Page, Health Science Teacher
Brantley County School System, GA

How Can HealthCenter21 Help You and Your Students?

HealthCenter21 is more than just lesson plans. It's a digital curriculum system that helps teachers save time, improve student understanding, and keep their students engaged.

Save Time with Planning and Grading

Spend More Time Doing What Matters

Planning and grading can quickly take over your life and make it difficult to spend one-to-one time with your health science students.

HealthCenter21 does heavy lifting by providing ready-to-use lesson plans and automatically graded assessments.

It also takes the burden of creating instructional materials off of your plate by providing a full health science curriculum.

With HealthCenter21, you can get back to making personal connections with your students and preparing them for their careers.

Improve Student Understanding

Maximize Your Students' Understanding

The HealthCenter21 curriculum is developed based on industry standards and certifications, and structured according to our unique four-phase learning plan.

With this learning plan, you can maximize student understanding while providing a consistent learning experience for your students.

This ultimately leads to better long-term retention of information throughout your students' schooling and future healthcare careers.

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Keep Your Students Engaged

Engage Your Health Science Students

HealthCenter21 helps you create dynamic, blended learning experiences that hold the attention of your students.

At AES, we believe that variety in instruction is the key to engagement.

That's why our blended learning delivery method includes both teacher-led and student-led instruction.

Within the four phase learning plan, you'll find hands-on activities, skills demonstrations, eLearning lessons, interactive simulations, lecture materials, group projects, and more.

With HealthCenter21 you can better engage your students without the hassle of creating all of the blended learning materials yourself.

"HealthCenter21 is a great interactive program that reinforces my instruction. I would recommend HealthCenter21 to anyone teaching in the healthcare industry."

Neda Shukur
Grossmont Health Occupations Center, CA

Is HealthCenter21 Right for You?

HealthCenter21 was developed with CTE health science classes in mind and could be a great fit if:

  • You teach CTE health science courses
  • You teach in middle school, high school, or a CTC
  • You prepare students for certifications
  • You love interacting one-on-one with students
  • Your students have varying levels of ability and knowledge
  • You're ready to try blended learning or online learning options

However, HealthCenter21 isn't right for everyone.

If you're only looking for traditional paper-based materials and don't want to implement the interactive eLearning lessons, HealthCenter21 won't be a good fit for you.


What Courses Can You Teach with HealthCenter21?

With more than 850 hours of content, teachers like you use HealthCenter21 to teach:

  • Healthcare foundations
  • Medical assisting
  • Nurse assisting
  • Patient care technician
  • And more

Click below to check out the full catalog of curriculum topics you can teach with HealthCenter21:

Discover the Curriculum Topics

"The materials in HealthCenter21 are relevant and truly prepare our students for their careers and their industry certification exams. Students can work at their own pace and submit work online. That's one of the biggest benefits for teachers!"

Catherine Sweeney
South Tech Charter Academy, FL

What Certifications Does HealthCenter21 Align With?

Teachers use HealthCenter21 to prepare students for dozens of healthcare certifications and assessments from providers such as:

  • NHA
  • And More

Read this article to discover which certifications AES can help with and whether it can be a primary or supplementa

Learn How HealthCenter21 Helps with Certification Prep


Save time with interactive lessons, ready to use projects, and automatically graded assessments.

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