5 Benefits of Implementing HealthCenter21 District-Wide

As a CTE administrator, you have a lot of responsibility to invest in the right instructional resources to support your teachers and help your programs grow.

This is even more important when you consider implementing a curriculum resource district-wide in one of your CTE pathways.

When we speak with administrators about our digital health science curriculum, they often ask whether it’s worth the investment to implement across their entire district.

At AES, we’re here to partner with you to make your life easier while helping your program grow and your students succeed.

In this article, you’ll discover the five benefits that administrators like you have experienced since investing in a HealthCenter21 district plan:

  1. Curriculum consistency across your health science program
  2. Structured onboarding and ongoing support for your teachers
  3. Less stress when staff changes occur
  4. Improved collaboration between your teachers
  5. Health science teacher retention and program growth

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with your AES account manager about your interest in a district-wide implementation plan.

Not sure what HealthCenter21 is? Watch the video, or continue reading below to discover the benefits of a district implementation:


1. Curriculum Consistency Across Your Health Science Program


One of the most frequent challenges we hear from administrators trying to grow their CTE health science program is the lack of instructional consistency.

It’s common to see each building across a district using different health science curriculum materials taught according to a different plan.

This can lead to a huge disparity in student outcomes and certification rates from school to school. It also makes it more difficult to onboard new teachers, add new courses, or expand certification options.

A district-wide HealthCenter21 implementation can mitigate these issues by:

If you implement HealthCenter21 across your entire health science program, the problems caused by inconsistent instruction will be one less worry.

In addition, many districts we work with are looking to implement contingency plans for online or distance learning.

By implementing a comprehensive digital tool across your entire program, your students and teachers can make a seamless transition to distance learning when needed.

2. Structured Onboarding and Ongoing Support For Your Teachers


When you hire a new health science instructor, there is a lot of work involved to get them up to speed with planning, teaching, and reporting back to you.

The time you spend helping new teachers get ready is crucial when it comes to retaining quality health science teachers and expanding your program enrollment.

But you have so much else going on it can be difficult to provide the amount of support those new teachers need.

Instead of you spending time training new teachers, AES can help them hit the ground running from the moment they step in the classroom.

This is made possible with a personalized onboarding program for teachers added to your district’s HealthCenter21 account. 

The 30-day onboarding program includes:

Through this onboarding program, we’ll be here to help your teachers use the system in the best way possible.

Once your teachers have been onboarded, they’ll need continued training to ensure they get the most value out of HealthCenter21 for years to come.

As a digital curriculum, HealthCenter21 is updated with new curriculum and tools every year.

However, teachers may get busy and not always be aware of what’s new.

While individual teachers can learn about new additions to the system on their own, district-wide customers can schedule in-person training and consulting sessions.

These tailored sessions can include:

  • Insights and best practices for new additions
  • Refreshers on using the core system effectively
  • Tips for using HealthCenter21 to achieve your program’s goals
  • Other topics important to you

Overall, teachers who partake in these tailored professional development sessions are more likely to get true value out of the HealthCenter21 system.

3. Less Stress When Staff Changes Occur


New teachers are just one type of staff change you may encounter over the years. It’s also likely that you’ll see teachers retire, change positions, or move between schools in your district.

In our experience, staff changes can cause a lot of extra stress for administrators and teachers. 

This is amplified in districts where every teacher uses different curriculum resources in their classes.

If a teacher had built their own curriculum from scratch and didn’t document every piece, upon their retirement, a new teacher could be left scrambling to piece it together themselves.

If a teacher or student moves between schools, the experience for the learning and instructor should be the same. 

In a well-run program, there shouldn’t be time and effort wasted getting teachers or students up to speed with what’s changed. Plus, students taking the same class at different schools should receive the same curriculum.

If you implement HealthCenter21 across your entire district, there can be seamless transitions anytime a teacher leaves or moves to a different building.

With a consistent curriculum established across your district, there’d be no need to scramble when a teacher leaves or changes positions.

In addition, your customer success specialist will work with you and your teachers to determine the best way to adjust to these staff changes in relation to using HealthCenter21.

4. Improved Collaboration Among Your Teachers


Each summer, your teachers likely get together to plan for the upcoming school year.

It can sometimes be difficult to get your teachers to work collaboratively in a way that can help grow your program. 

This is especially true if your teachers aren’t on the same page with what curriculum they use and how it fits into your course sequence.

If your entire health science program uses HealthCenter21, these planning meetings can run smoother and be more effective.

With district-wide implementations, we’ve seen amazing results come from teachers in a district discussing how they use HealthCenter21.

There’s no time wasted in planning sessions because your teachers will all be speaking the same language and sharing their experiences to help each other have the best implementation of the curriculum system. 

In addition, HealthCenter21 offers options that allow teachers to collaborate within the system:

  • Custom class templates
  • Class sharing options for co-teachers
  • Tools to customize and share assessments

Overall, we’ve found that health science teachers thrive on interacting with their peers to prepare students for careers in the field.

So, when your teachers help each other achieve the best results for their students, they will be happier, perform better, and be more likely to stay in your district.

5. Health Science Teacher Retention & Program Growth


When you add up the four previous benefits of a district-wide HealthCenter21 implementation, you’ll discover they address the two biggest challenges we hear from administrators:

  • Retaining quality health science teachers
  • Growing your program offerings and enrollment.

With a consistent curriculum used across your program, your teachers will find it easier to collaborate to provide better learning opportunities for your students.

In addition, your district’s customer success specialist is there every step of the way to help your teachers succeed and meet your expectations.

Because of this, your teachers will find it easier to refine their curriculum delivery to improve student outcomes and certification pass rates.

This in turn makes teachers more invested in staying in your district year after year.

By retaining a core group of health science teachers, it’s easier for you to focus on growing the program because everything is running smoothly.

Plus, the longer a teacher stays in your district, the more likely they’ll be to take on another course or look to add new certifications for their students.

As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time looking into partnerships and investigating the best ways to expand your health science program offerings.

Grow Your Health Science Program with HealthCenter21

Overall, AES is here to partner with your district to help your health science program grow without putting more work on your shoulders.

If you’re looking to overcome any of the challenges shared here, HealthCenter21 could be a great fit for your program.

Wondering how much HealthCenter21 could cost for your district? Review this article.

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