3 Ways HealthCenter21 Helps 100% of Students Pass the NHA CPT Exam

The phlebotomy technician certification (CPT) is one of the most popular qualifications for health science students today.

That’s why we equipped HealthCenter21 with the information you need to help your students learn about phlebotomy, prep for the exams, and start their careers.

In fact, we’ve been so thorough that some instructors have reported 100% pass rates among their students.  

Prep materials often cost more than $100 for an individual package. They’re one-time use too, which is a price point few students can afford.

Plus, the certifications themselves cost another $115 on top of the prep materials.

So how can you make it easier for your students to prepare for and pass their CPT exams?

The answer is HealthCenter21.

Here’s how it works for your students.

1. The Phlebotomy Module


HealthCenter21 contains an entire module that covers the basics of phlebotomy.

With information on skin puncture, microhematocrit, hemoglobin, venipuncture, PKU testing, blood-typing, and more, HealthCenter21 can show students the basics while you go into more detail.  

HealthCenter21 keeps you in control of your classroom while providing supplemental information to help students learn more quickly and effectively.

Combined with your expertise, that makes the phlebotomy module an ideal tool.

The module also comes with practical application outlines so students can get hands-on experience under your supervision.

Equipment, drawing, vacuum tubes, collection procedures — they’re all included in this one module so your students can all get on the same page as quickly as possible.

But phlebotomy isn’t just about drawing blood. That’s why this module also includes lessons about equipment maintenance, patient identification, and more.

These are all direct correlations to the CPT exam, and that’s intentional. This way, students learn what they need to pass, which is also the knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.

But the phlebotomy module is just the start.

How do the students actually get ready for the NHA CPT test?

2. The Certification Prep Module


We understand that NHA certifications are tough — especially CPT.

That’s why we included a module that’s all about certification preparation.

It covers different strategies that students can use to accurately recall information on tests, plus some tips for NHA exams specifically.

This module has become popular as more states and employers require certifications for any level of health care work.

Unfortunately, test-taking skills aren’t taught in schools throughout the country.

As a result, this module is key to helping students get their CPT certifications, especially for students who aren’t good test-takers.

Tests are excellent measures of knowledge. But because of the pressure, anxiety, and importance associated with them, major exams can quickly become students’ worst nightmares.

They may lose the ability to recall information.

They may freeze up, fixate on a section, and neglect bigger portions of the test.

They may be too nervous to fully comprehend a question.

There are millions of reasons why good students under-perform on tests.

With the certification preparation module in HealthCenter21, they’ll have the mental tools and strategies to combat those test-taking problems.

They can shrug off some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the CPT exam.

They’ll know what’s coming, and they’ll get better results because of it.

With the phlebotomy-specific module and a second module dedicated to certification preparation, your students have two major tools they need to succeed.

But there’s a third advantage to HealthCenter21 that isn’t based on content.

Instead, it’s based on how HealthCenter21 is designed.

3. Self-Directed Learning and Review


The key advantage of HealthCenter21 is its ability to let students work individually.

This applies to every student from high school up through post-secondary CTE education.

Students control their education by working at a speed that allows them to retain information.

They don’t have to keep up with lectures, take notes, or make flashcards — although those are all great learning strategies.

Instead, they have the materials right at their fingertips, and they can access that information whenever they need.

That means you don’t have to spend class time reviewing foundational concepts before the exam. Instead, you can spend it discussing advanced applications, the test itself, and other helpful information.

By leading the class with your expertise and supplementing it with HealthCenter21, your students reap the incredible benefits of a blended classroom.

Those benefits include:

  1. Saving time
  2. Improving tech literacy
  3. Cutting costs

In other words, HealthCenter21 lets you streamline your classroom so you take the least amount of time to improve students’ education as much as possible while spending less money.

You can spend that extra time helping the students who need the most assistance, and you can spend that extra money on other materials you need for your classes.

Doing that lets you circle back to improving your students’ educational experience to make sure they can pass the CPT exam when the time comes.

On the whole, you get more done with less investment.

That’s the definition of efficiency.

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