3 Ways HealthCenter21 Improves CCMA Certification Rates

Clinical medical assistant (CCMA) certifications are some of the most in-demand qualifications in health science.

These certifications are crucial to anyone who wants to work in a supporting role to doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. There’s a surplus of students seeking those careers, too.

But the major hurdle is the CCMA certification exam from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

As a teacher, it falls to you to make sure your students can pass their exams with flying colors.

Any educator knows that’s easier said than done.

With HealthCenter21 on your side, it gets easier. We even have the correlations to prove it

According to the most recent NHA CCMA exam, these are the three ways that HealthCenter21 prepares your students for success.

1. Clinical Work Modules


Most popular: Anatomy & physiology, phlebotomy, patient comfort

HealthCenter21 comes with dozens of modules you can use to teach your students. They all cover different topics, and you can break them into different categories of helpful information.

Our first category is clinical work modules.

These modules are related to the patient-facing work that CCMAs carry out on a daily basis.

Anatomy & physiology, phlebotomy, and patient comfort are the most popular modules in HealthCenter21 because they’re directly correlated to major sections of the CCMA exam.

Each module comes a diverse range of instructional materials that let you supplement your teaching style in whatever way works best.

That means you have everything you need to cover each topic in-depth to ensure the success of your students.

With HealthCenter21 on your side, you can streamline lesson creation, prepare in advance of new classes, and more.

That all ties back to prepping your students for their exams. In the case of these modules, you can prep them more quickly and effectively since each module correlates to a major section of the exam itself.

Coupled with your experience and expertise, your students will have everything they need for the patient-facing portions of the CCMA exam.

But there’s more to CCMA work than patients.

HealthCenter21 has you covered with administrative work, too.

2. Administrative Work Modules


Most popular: Insurance & coding, health information technology, health care systems

HealthCenter21’s admin modules are all designed to give clarity and direction to CCMA students.

Like the previous modules we mentioned, these admin modules are popular because they concern major parts of the CCMA exam.

In every instance, these modules cover essential knowledge for CCMAs. Your professional knowledge takes a leading role in every case with the modules providing the supplemental materials your students need to learn.  

Again, many of the modules match up to major sections of the CCMA exam.

Insurance & coding is one module that delves deep into the specifics of cataloging medical information, particularly for insurance companies.

Since health care is such a strong and vibrant industry, this module has a direct impact on the bottom line of students’ future employers.  

As a result, it’s one of the most pragmatic modules included in our administrative catalog.

After that, the health information technology module ensures every student is up to date on the latest in administrative equipment.

That familiarity translates directly to a student’s comfort level in carrying out daily tasks. Scheduling, filing, documentation — it’s all done through the technology used in health information.

Last, health care systems is popular because it covers foundational knowledge, according to the CCMA exam.

Roles, responsibilities, services, therapies, titles, and more are all included on the CCMA exam.

HealthCenter21 approaches this topic by covering everything from history to health center analysis so they have a well-rounded knowledge of health care as a whole.

Altogether, these modules give students the information they need to understand the logistics of working in a health care career.

But there’s still more that HealthCenter21 provides to benefit your students.

3. Real-World Prep Modules


Most popular: Certification prep, job seeking skills, legal & ethical responsibilities

HealthCenter21 covers a huge range of topics, and that includes real-world preparation.

These modules are all about intangible elements of their futures.

Naturally, our most popular module in this area is certification prep. In this module, we cover the NHA, its exams, and how students can prepare for them.

With your expertise on the CCMA, this module is a perfect fit for the final week(s) before students take their exams.

HealthCenter21 also has a module on job seeking skills. As the name implies, it’s designed to help students get jobs after they’ve passed the CCMA.

The module covers interview attire, appropriate questions, and other preparations a student can make as they start their careers.

Last, HealthCenter21 features a legal and ethical responsibilities module.  

This topic is also on the NHA CMAA exam, but it’s crucial to cover in terms of real-world preparation as well.

This introduces students to concepts like criminal law, civil torts, HIPAA, privileged communications, medical records, and much more.

With all of that in a single module, your students can absorb all of the legal information they need to start a career in health services.

That covers the biggest advantages of HealthCenter21’s content. But there’s another advantage to the program that we haven’t covered.

That’s because it applies to everything we’ve discussed so far.  

Bonus: Self-Directed Learning and Review

 HealthCenter21 is the ultimate teaching supplement because it encourages your students to learn at their own paces.

On top of that, the program lets students independently review material at any time they want.

That translates to three key advantages for you:

  1. ESL and IEP students can learn the same material as everyone else
  2. You can focus on students who really need your help
  3. You can get more done in less time as students teach themselves

Even though HealthCenter21 is an educational supplement, it can save a huge amount of time over the course of a school year.

That’s extra time you get to plan new lessons, respond to emails, or assist students who need your help.

No matter how you spin it, it’s time well spent.

In that regard, HealthCenter21 helps you manage your classroom and career at the same time.

It also provides an excellent boost to students who excel when they can learn on their own instead of trying to keep up with a lecture.

Essentially, HealthCenter21 plays to everyone’s strengths. You save time, your students retain information, and you get a higher CCMA certification rate for your course.

Plus, we’re constantly here to lend support and answer questions. We even have a knowledge base where you can learn more about HealthCenter21.

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