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4 Reasons Why a Health Science Instructor Loves HealthCenter21

"Because it’s visual, auditory, and interactive, HealthCenter21 engages them much more than anything I could say."

Like many health science instructors, Rosemary Davis wants to prepare students for their future careers.

And while she has a ton of ideas, Rosemary struggles to deliver engaging, relevant lessons to her high school students.

This made it difficult for students to retain critical information over the long term.

Rosemary knew there had to be a solution.

That’s when she found HealthCenter21.

Now Rosemary has a classroom full of engaged students who are learning better and retaining more health science knowledge, ultimately making them more prepared for their careers.

Here’s the four reasons why Rosemary believes HealthCenter21 has made teaching “100% easier.”

1. Increased Student Engagement

Keeping students interested in the details of health science topics can seem impossible.

Before HealthCenter21, Rosemary felt there was only a small window of opportunity when students would pay attention each class period.

HealthCenter21 helped her maximize that opportunity for her students’ benefits.

She credits this to the way HealthCenter21 presents material to students.

“Because it’s visual, auditory, and interactive, HealthCenter21 engages them much more than anything I could say,” Rosemary says.

That variety also perfectly lends itself to the second reason Rosemary loves HealthCenter21 — differentiation.

2. More Opportunities for Differentiation

Health science classes tend to have a diverse range of students, which in turn pressures the instructor to meet the needs of each student.

Because HealthCenter21 is curriculum software, it includes digital lessons that students complete independently.

This facet of the curriculum is key to helping Rosemary differentiate instruction for her students.

“With HealthCenter21, kids can work at their own paces,” she says. “I can set the difficulty level for them. It’s interactive; it’s not just me lecturing at them.”

HealthCenter21 also offers material that appeals to different kinds of learners.

Students who prefer hands-on learning benefit from the interactives and skills work. And those who need to listen or read to learn best benefit from the narration and transcripts of the digital lessons.

All in all, HealthCenter21 provides many types of differentiation, giving Rosemary more time to focus on other parts of teaching.

3. Remediation Made Easy

With the diversity of her classroom, Rosemary often spent time on remediation.

While she found ways to remediate on her own, she constantly had to identify which students needed help with what content.

That’s why Rosemary loves the learning management side of the HealthCenter21 system.

“It shows me exactly where students are and where they might be struggling,” Rosemary says.

With that knowledge on demand, Rosemary empowers students to self-remediate by allowing them to do those specific lessons over again.

Additionally, because students can work through HealthCenter21 independently, it frees Rosemary to work one-on-one with the students who need help the most.

4. Better Long-Term Retention

Engagement, differentiation, and remediation boost students’ long-term retention in health science.

With HealthCenter21 Rosemary has truly seen a transformation in her students’ learning and knowledge.


First, she’s noticed that engaged students retain key lesson details better over the long run.

Second, when students learn the way that’s best for them, they have an easier time understanding material.

Finally, identifying and providing remediation tailored to each student means they are getting help when it’s most needed!

Why Teachers and Students Love HealthCenter21

Overall, not only does Rosemary love the results she’s seen in the classroom since implementing HealthCenter21, but her students love it too.

She believes her students’ favorite part of the curriculum is how HealthCenter21 presents content through technology.


“For them, it is a very natural way of interacting with information. It’s suited to them and their style of learning,” Rosemary says. “HealthCenter21 is such an engaging, wonderful tool!”

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