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How a Health Science Instructor Keeps Absent Students on Track

"Because students learn the theory online with HealthCenter21, it frees me up to do more hands-on work in the classroom. It has been such a great answer for me!"

Nancy Welch, RN teaches the Patient Care Technician program at Orlando Tech in Orlando, Florida.

Nancy’s program is unique compared to other CTC programs -- her classes are made up of dual enrollment students from 13 high schools in Orange County.

She is supposed to have her students for three hours each day, but external problems (like traffic) reduce class time to as little as one hour sometimes.

Nancy needed a way to provide the same level of education for all of her students, even when they weren’t all in class for the same amount of time.

That’s when she started using HealthCenter21.

Now Nancy ensures all of her students get their work done, and class time is focused on hands-on skills work.

Here’s how HealthCenter21 has changed Nancy’s classroom for the better.

1. Better Focused Class Time

With such a time crunch in the classroom, Nancy needed a way for students to do work outside of the classroom.

HealthCenter21 was the perfect solution because students can access it from any computer or device connected to the Internet.

“HealthCenter21 really helps me as a supplement to what I do in class,” Nancy says. “Because my time is whittled down, I use it has homework. So students are learning the theory at home and I reinforce the theory in class and test them on it as well. Because students learn the theory online with HealthCenter21, it frees me up to do more hands-on work in the classroom. It has been such a great answer for me!”

By using this flipped learning approach, Nancy spends more class time teaching the important health care skills that require in-person demonstration and observation.

Nancy used to feel pressed for time every class. Now she spends her precious class time teaching the most important parts of her class.

2. Battling Absenteeism with Flipped Learning

Along with her time crunch, Nancy also dealt with a high number of student absences.

With students out for state testing and other activities on different days, it became difficult to ensure they kept up with missed classes.

That’s where HealthCenter21 was “a blessing” to her as a teacher.

“I use some of the modules to assign students to make up hours for class,” Nancy says. “It’s not just busy work. I feel that by giving them HealthCenter21 it’s making up for lost time with me in the classroom and they are doing something productive.”

Now Nancy’s absent students keep up with the rest of the class, and she doesn’t have to spend extra time remediating each student with missed work.

3. HealthCenter21 Bonus: Extra Reinforcement

On top of helping her better manage class time and absent students, Nancy found another benefit of HealthCenter21 — it includes extra reinforcement materials for her and her students!

“The other thing I like are the activities related to the modules,” Nancy says. “I love that the modules have lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and ideas on how to make it hands-on. It’s not just about assigning the students to get online. It’s about supplementing what I do in the classroom as well.”

Having these resources within the system means Nancy doesn’t spend time creating her own. This gives her more free time to focus on other parts of her life like family, friends, and hobbies.

For students, these extra activities act as further reinforcement to provide deeper learning and understanding.

Overall, HealthCenter21 is the perfect resource for Nancy and her students. Using it as a flipped learning tool has made a huge difference in ensuring her students succeed!

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