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How Do I Buy HealthCenter21?

You've checked out what's in the curriculum, read a few success stories, and think HealthCenter21 is just what you need in your classroom.

So you're probably thinking: How do I purchase HealthCenter21?

Here we will walk you through the purchasing process and provide some tips along the way!

First you'll need a full understanding of how pricing works and will need a quote for referencing when you talk to your administration.

How HealthCenter21 Pricing Works

Pricing for HealthCenter21 is based on the number of students you teach. We refer to these as "student licenses." 

The cost of an individual student license depends on the total student quantity. As the number of student licenses increases, the price per license goes down. This makes HealthCenter21 more cost effective for schools and districts with multiple health science instructors.

In order to determine your student license count, add up the total number of students you'll teach in a semester. 

If your classes are only one semester long, you are able to reuse them for the next semester. That way you don't need to purchase new licenses each semester.

Don't worry if you don't have an exact student count when you talk to us. We know that class enrollment numbers change - especially early in the school year. We're happy to work with your approximations to get pricing information as accurate as possible.

Once you have an idea of how many licenses you'll need, it's time to get your quote!

Getting Your Quote

To get your HealthCenter21 quote, all we need to know is what state you work in and how many licenses you need! It's important to provide this information because due to state textbook adoptions, pricing can vary from state to state.

Quotes are typically done on an annual basis, but we're happy to work with your school if you are interested in a multi-year purchase.

Want to get a quote right now? Click here to request a quote: HealthCenter21 Quote Requests

Submit Your Quote for Approval

Once you have your quote in hand, along with some supporting materials to make your case to the administration, it's time to ask for approval.

Every school's process is slightly different, but in most cases you'll need to submit a requisition to your administrator. You'll have to ask your administrator to find out the specifics of your school's process.

If you aren't sure where to begin with asking for funding, this article will help you get off on the right foot: How to Get CTE Funding for Your Classroom

We're happy to help you answer any detailed questions thrown your way during the approval process. That's what we're here for!

You're Approved... Now What?

After your purchase has been approved, your school has a few options of how they can purchase.

In most cases, they will send a Purchase Order that can be submitted one of these ways:

  • Sent via email to
  • Faxed to (717) 627-5643
  • Mailed to Applied Educational Systems, Inc., 312 E Walnut St, Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17602

If it's preferred, your school could also purchase HealthCenter21 via credit card online, from the link listed within your quote.

What Happens After Your School Orders?

After we receive the Purchase Order or credit card payment, we'll convert your trial into a full customer account. All of the data from your trial site will transfer over - with no work on your end.

Get ready to kick back and let HealthCenter21 help you prepare your students for the workforce!

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