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How a High School Health Science Teacher Beats Boredom in the Classroom

"It offers students things that I can't... Without HealthCenter21, there would be a massive hole in the program."

Stephanie Avery teaches four classes at Father Patrick Mercredi High School in Alberta, Canada.

With a background in science and biology, Stephanie uses HealthCenter21 nearly every day as a supplement specifically for health information.  

“It offers students things that I can’t because I’m not a nurse. Without HealthCenter21, there would be a massive hole in the program.”

But Stephanie quickly learned that HealthCenter21 wasn’t just good for its educational content — it helped her keep students engaged in her classroom.


Stephanie started practicing blended learning.

The results have been phenomenal.

Stephanie’s Approach to Blended Learning


Stephanie uses a big mix of resources for her classroom.

  1. HealthCenter21
  2. Standard lecture
  3. Self-made workbooks
  4. Self-made activities
  5. Hands-on activities
  6. Clinicals

With so many options, Stephanie can change gears in her classroom at a moment’s notice.

That lets her plan a dynamic learning environment that holds student attention, avoids disengagement, and eliminates burnout.

No matter how a student learns, Stephanie’s approach ensures they’ll absorb the material and retain it long-term.

If a student learns best by listening, they can enjoy the lecture.

If a student learns best by doing, they can use the hands-on activities.

And everyone can get close to real-life experience by performing clinicals.

So how well does her approach actually work?

How Blended Learning Beats Boredom


Blended learning is proven to promote student engagement and reduce boredom in the classroom.

The change in gears requires students to mentally pivot to keep up with a teacher. This makes them more interested in what’s going on, and it prevents anyone from losing interest during an activity.

This is especially important since Stephanie teaches students between the ages of 15 and 18 — ages when students are most prone to distractions.

But by using different approaches to teaching in the classroom, Stephanie offsets the potential for distractions with expert skill.

Her students’ engagement may also be affected by Stephanie’s passion for teaching with different methods.

“It’s wonderful to help support the program and to teach students above and beyond, instead of always having to use lecture.”

After all, variety is the spice of life.

At the end of the day, Stephanie enjoys teaching. It’s only natural that her students would enjoy learning as a result — and even learn more effectively!

In her own words, “Students don’t have a chance to get bored.”

But maintaining student attention is just the beginning. Because of HealthCenter21’s design, it also lets Stephanie overcome another major obstacle in the classroom.

How Blended Learning Beats Absenteeism


Absenteeism is a big problem in any class from primary to post-secondary.

It’s been a problem throughout the history of education.

After all, how do you teach a student who doesn’t show up to class?

With HealthCenter21, Stephanie finally has her answer.

“It’s a huge assistance because students can finish at home if needed. Fewer students fall behind due to absenteeism.”

HealthCenter21 allows students to complete at least a portion of their classwork from home.

That means they can go through new lessons, review previous notes, and test themselves to retain information more effectively.

It’s not a replacement for Stephanie as a teacher, and she knows that.

But it’s helpful when students need to be out of the classroom for a day, a week, or sometimes longer.

They don’t have to miss out on crucial lessons. They don’t have to figure out a time to take a missed test.

With HealthCenter21, the solutions to absenteeism are already there.

Beat Boredom in Your Classroom

Do you want to engage your students?

Stephanie is just one example of a health teacher who used HealthCenter21 to incredible effect.

Now it’s time for you to give it a shot.

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