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How One Nurse Uses Software to Teach 212 CTE Students

"In nursing, we are not taught how to teach. With AES, I don't have to write a lesson plan and I don't have to come up with the PowerPoint. HealthCenter21 saves me a lot of time."

Stephanie Oliver has dedicated her life to helping those in need.

As a registered nurse, she ran the gamut of responsibilities in medicine — and she earned her Master’s degree while she did it.

Finally, in 2011, she earned her DNP.

With such a distinguished career based in both experience and education, Oliver discovered she had a passion outside of medicine as well.


But there was one small problem.

“In nursing, we are not taught how to teach,” Oliver said.

As Oliver taught university and community college courses, she developed a deep teaching resume that mirrored her expertise in nursing. Then, she got the chance to teach at her alma mater of Russellville High School in 2012.

Naturally, she accepted.

Teaching high school came with its own challenges though. Oliver wasn’t in a hospital. She wasn’t even in a lecture hall.

Now, she has a classroom. She equips teenagers with the skills they need to pursue real-world careers after graduation, and she has to do it on her own.

In fact, it’s her #1 goal.

But there’s a catch — she has 212 students.

“I don’t have to write a lesson plan. I don’t have to come up with the PowerPoint. It’s very time efficient. All I have to do is review it and use what I want to assign. It saves me a lot of time."

So how does one nurse teach hundreds of high school CTE students?

How Did One Nurse Teach 212 High Schoolers?


First, Oliver works hard.

With a lifelong dedication to learning (and the real-world experience to back it up), Oliver is the ideal figure to inspire the next generation of patient care technicians, medical office assistants, and other health care professionals.

Second, Oliver noticed a major flaw with the textbooks that she had to use for her class — some of which are outdated by half a decade.

“A textbook, once it’s published, is already outdated in healthcare… I felt like the HealthCenter21 worksheets that I printed off of the website were more up to date.”

She fixes the situation by meshing HealthCenter21 into her curriculum to provide classroom instruction, reading, worksheets, and online modules in one package. 

Her approach to teaching has proven so effective that she passes it on to new teachers she mentors.

“It’s overwhelming definitely for your first year. HealthCenter21 takes a lot of the pressure off… because you don’t have time to come up with a plan for what you’re going to teach tomorrow when you can assign them HealthCenter module.”

Third, Oliver knew that she’d spend a big chunk of her free time on schoolwork if she taught the “old-fashioned” way.

Even with newer technology like PowerPoint, preparation had become time-consuming. She had to find all the information she needed, condense it into bullet points, and get supplemental materials (like videos) after class ended.

Thanks to the pre-made PowerPoint presentations and resources, Oliver has her free time back. She no longer has to scrounge through medical resources and instructional videos to find the perfect supplements for her lessons.

Instead, she can relax.

But Oliver doesn’t just use HealthCenter21 to teach.

She also uses it to prepare her students for certifications.

Using HealthCenter21 to Supplement Certification Prep

In her first year using HealthCenter21, Oliver made a big discovery.

HealthCenter21 may not be made to prepare students for certifications alone. But she could use the elearning curriculum with other prep materials to get students ready for certifications like CNA — careers that aren’t even included in the software.

“We used the phlebotomy and EKG sections this semester. I didn’t have a whole lot of time for prepping… Not the whole module[s], but a few pieces of the modules for my pharmacy class.

Oliver has used HealthCenter21 in other surprising ways. In fact, it plays a major role in the four classes she teaches — Foundations in Health Science, Nurse Aid, Medical Terminology, and Health Science Internship. 

That begs another big question. What have been Oliver’s results?

What Are Oliver’s Results?


Most famously, Oliver was Franklin County’s Teacher of the Year in 2017 — the only CTE teacher to win that year.

But that’s not her proudest achievement.

In 2017, Oliver reported that HealthCenter21 and other preparation materials yielded a 100% success rate among students who took the CNA exam.

Some of them have already started medical careers throughout the community.

And for Oliver, that’s what teaching is all about.

Her most important duty as a high school teacher is to give her students the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

With a combination of real-life experience, top-notch education, and clever innovations, she’s achieved her goal with flying colors.

What Made HealthCenter21 a Good Match?

Clearly, Oliver achieved results with HealthCenter21 that go above and beyond the norm.

So what made Oliver and HealthCenter21 such a powerful match?

stephanie-oliver-class-1.jpgIn a nutshell, HealthCenter21 is designed specifically for teachers like Oliver. She’s an expert in her field — possibly the best in her community — and she wants to educate the next generation of medical professionals.

She didn’t have a background in education, but she accepted the duty of building tomorrow’s medical workforce. That’s a heavy responsibility for anyone, especially when they’re not a trained educator.

HealthCenter21 gave her foundational information like abbreviations, terminology, and presentations in the medical field. Then, she built upon those foundations with her own expertise.

The results speak for themselves.

Oliver can handle multiple classes and hundreds of students in a single semester all on her own.

Her powerful work ethic and dedication to quality education is the cornerstone of her success. HealthCenter21 makes it easier for her to go above and beyond for those who need it.

With all of those qualities coming together, HealthCenter21 is a perfect fit for Oliver’s ambitions.

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