Keeping Students Engaged is Made Easier with HealthCenter21

Stop worrying about bored, uninterested students.

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A Curriculum That Will Keep Your Students Engaged

Keeping students engaged is made easier with HealthCenter21

HealthCenter21 helps engage your students, so you can focus on teaching important health care skills.

A curriculum designed to keep students engaged and interested means you no longer need to spend extra time figuring it out for yourself.

Interactive eLearning Lessons

Variety is the key to student engagement, and the interactive lessons and scenarios in HealthCenter21 provide that variety for you.

Multimedia content and scenarios ensure your students are actively learning, as opposed to simply reading text.

With your students more engaged, they will learn better, show more interest, and retain more information about the health care topics.

Interactive health science lessons keep students engaged and interested

Age-Appropriate and Relevant Context

With curriculum created specifically for CTE Health Science courses, you know the lessons are age-appopriate and relevant to your students.

When your students can relate to the content presented and people depicted, you will be surprised at how their level of interest increases!

With health science curriculum designed for CTE students, your students will better relate.

With HealthCenter21 the students are more engaged when I am doing the lecture. I have them go through the modules prior to me lecturing, so it has cut down on my lecture time.

What this does is stimulates the students because now they're saying 'I have a question, I heard that on HealthCenter21, but can you explain it further?' Using HealthCenter21 allows us to get more into the meat and potatoes of everything... and the students are more interested in everything.

Kozy Hubbard
Bartow High School, FL

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