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How Much Does HealthCenter21 Cost?



a Classroom

Get HealthCenter21 for one classroom.

  • Access 600+ curriculum hours of content.
  • Teach hundreds of students in a marking period.
  • Pricing based on the number of students using HealthCenter21.




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a District

Get HealthCenter21 for one district.

  • Access 600+ curriculum hours of content.
  • Teach hundreds or thousands of students in a marking period.
  • Advanced features and customizations specific to your district.
  • Options for on-site training and custom webinars.
  • Pricing based on the number of students using HealthCenter21.

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Plan. Teach. Assess.

It's never been easier to prepare the next generation of health care professionals.

Lightning-Fast Class Creation

Plan a health science class in minutes from your web browser.

Free Content Updates

Teach up-to-date curriculum without shelling out for textbooks.

Automatic Grading

Get real-time assessment results to quickly track student progress.

Certification Assistance

Get more students certified in your classroom than ever before.

Blended Learning Resources

Teach diverse students with audio, video, activities, and more.

Intuitive Interface

Learn how to make the most of HealthCenter21 in minutes.

Classroom Management Reports

See automatic reports on how & when students use HealthCenter21.

Customizable Certificates

Recognize your students' hard work with unique printout certificates.

Documentation on Demand

Get all of your student data in a spreadsheet compatible with any LMS.


"My kids use HealthCenter21 everywhere. They like it because they can do this on their own and they've got everything they need right at their fingertips."


Mark Rodgers
Jupiter Middle School, FL


"The number one thing I like about HealthCenter21 is the interactive lessons for students. I can go around the classroom while students do a lesson. I can see them individually, and when a student is absent, I know when they're doing lessons at home."


Kathy Regan
Assabet Regional Technical High School, MA


"Teaching is overwhelming for your first year. HealthCenter21 takes a lot of the pressure off."


Stephanie Oliver
Russellville High School, AL

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