How Much Does HealthCenter21 Cost for a District Implementation?

If you're considering a district-wide implementation of HealthCenter21 for your health science program, there's one major question you need answered: How much will it cost?

In general, district plans for HealthCenter21 range from $10,000 to $100,000 per year.

Wondering why there is such a wide range? Watch this video, or continue reading below:

The price of HealthCenter21 varies for district-level purchases because of the unique needs of each district.

Factors that influence the cost of HealthCenter21 include (but are not limited to):

  • Number of teachers that need access
  • Number of students that need access
  • On-site professional development
  • Customizable district templates
  • LMS integrations with Clever, Classlink, or Canvas

In this article, we'll answer the four most common questions administrators ask when considering a district-wide HealthCenter21 implementation:

  1. Why should I consider a district-wide purchase?
  2. How do you know if a district package is right for you?
  3. How long does it take to implement?
  4. What will your district receive with an implementation?

You'll also have the opportunity to schedule a conversation with the AES Director of Sales, Christiaan Filoon, to determine whether a district implementation is right for your needs.

1. Why Should You Consider a District-Wide Purchase?

Administrators choose to use HealthCenter21 at the district level for a number of reasons.

To start, it creates a relationship between AES and your school district’s personnel, including teachers, directors, principals, superintendents, and IT professionals that can help collaborate and align on district-level goals. 

These relationships often grow in trust and dependability, allowing AES to serve your district and help  solve your unique problems.

In addition, implementing HealthCenter21 across a district provides a sense of consistency throughout your health science program.

Palm Beach County, Florida is one example of a school district that successfully accomplished this unity.

The district health science program is run by Dr. Miguel Benavente, who implemented HealthCenter21 nearly a decade ago.

In his words:

”It’s going to facilitate and make a teacher’s life easier. I got HealthCenter21 to help the teachers be better teachers and help them use their time more wisely.”

dr-b-headshot Dr. Miguel Benavente

 Medical Specialist & Administrator
 School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

Establishing a relationship with AES allows a school district to unite a program into a cohesive and consistent experience.

Students get the same curriculum and educational opportunities in every school.

Teachers create, share, collaborate, and innovate in the same online system.  

Health science directors get a consistent curriculum that makes it easier to onboard new teachers, which can help with everything from teacher happiness to teacher turnover.

Finally, superintendents get the peace of mind knowing that a health science program can run smoothly and be accountable for its results.

Still, even with all of these great benefits, HealthCenter21 still requires a lot of planning and consideration to implement at the district level.

That’s why it’s important to know how to figure out whether HealthCenter21 is right for you!

2. How Do You Know if a District Package Is Right for You?


It can feel challenging to determine whether HealthCenter21 is right for your entire school district.

In general, we’ve found that administrators have questions about seven major topics:

  1. Why AES?: We try to be a true partner with districts who work with us. 
  2. Collaboration: All of your teachers can use the same tool as the core of their curriculum. 
  3. Onboarding: We work with teachers to help them understand and use HealthCenter21.
  4. Student benefits: HealthCenter21 is designed to help students perform better in their classes, earn certifications, and more. 
  5. Teacher benefits: Health science teachers are passionate, and HealthCenter21 is designed to help them prepare the next generation of healthcare workers to the best of their abilities! 
  6. Consistency: With HealthCenter21, your teachers can use the same resources to teach the same classes to students across your entire district. 
  7. Cost: HealthCenter21 scales exceptionally well as a "bulk purchase" because of all the curriculum and benefits it offers. As a result, you can dedicate more of your budget to other classroom resources to help teachers teach and students learn.  

 You can get the details on those topics from the video below!


If you have a teacher at your school who already uses HealthCenter21, you can quickly and easily reach out to AES by contacting the account manager directly.

This will get you in touch with an AES team member right away, and you can discuss implementing HealthCenter21 across your school district.

If no one at your district uses HealthCenter21 yet, you can reach out to an AES team member via a form found on our website.

During your initial conversation, the account manager will ask questions about common challenges that we hear from administrators, including:

  • Improving teacher onboarding
  • Reducing teacher turnover
  • Offering opportunities to all students across all schools
  • Getting detailed reports on classes and students

After the initial conversation, the account manager will probably reach out to your teacher(s) who use HealthCenter21 to let them know that they spoke with you.

That way, everyone at your district who uses HealthCenter21 is on the same page!

3. How Long Does It Take to Implement HealthCenter21 in Your District?


District-level purchases can take six to 18 months to conclude.

The factors that influence this time span include:

  • Who’s involved in a purchase
  • How many people are involved in a purchase
  • Coordination among different schools
  • Coordination among different administrative departments
  • Class template needs
  • District IT requirements
  • Teacher training needs
  • Challenges unique to the district
  • The funding process

If someone in a school district is already a HealthCenter21 user, this process can take less time than a new customer.

In that case, our team already has a good idea of how to best work through the process with your district.

If no one in your district is a HealthCenter21 customer and you want a district solution, you can prepare this information to get the most out of your first conversation with AES:

  • Total number of health science students enrolled in the district
  • Enrollment in the health science courses you offer
  • Types of health science certifications you offer in your district
  • Current challenges for your health science teachers
  • Current challenges for your CTE administrators
  • Current resources available for health science teachers
  • Whether your IT department requires single sign-on (SSO)
  • Whether Classlink or Clever is required for rostering in your district
  • Whether your teachers must use Canvas or Schoology

With this information in hand, you’ll be able to start a conversation on the best foot possible with an AES team member!

4. What Does Your District Get with HealthCenter21?


HealthCenter21 comes with some standard features that help every teacher and administrator involved in a health science program.

Curriculum Content

To start, HealthCenter21 has more than 600 hours of curriculum content packed into this one program. The content is organized into learning modules, from which your teachers can mix and match to create classes.

Your teachers can also use pre-made course templates aligned to state standards. These templates allow teachers to create classes and fill them with content in a matter of seconds!

In addition, your teachers can create custom exams and custom assignments to add their own content into the classes they create.

Student Licenses

When you purchase HealthCenter21, you’ll get a certain number of “student licenses,” which are basically “seats” for your teachers’ classes.

Student licenses are determined by the maximum amount of students your teachers will instruct during a single marking period.

You and your teachers can “recycle” student licenses in subsequent marking periods by replacing last marking period’s students with the new marking period’s students.

Core Features

HealthCenter21 has a handful of default features that every teacher can use, including:

  • Automatic grading: Teachers get real-time feedback as students complete assessments
  • Printable certificates: Teachers can offer students portfolio documentation that they’ve completed certain classes
  • Class sharing: One teacher can create a class, fill it with content, and share it with every other teacher at your district to create content consistency in all classrooms
  • Class templating: Teachers can save classes as templates to reuse and modify for later marking periods
  • Custom exams: Teachers can create their own midterms or finals, add their own questions, and tell HealthCenter21 the correct answers so that they’re automatically graded
  • Student pacing: Teachers can set when certain modules, assignments, or assessments are accessible to students
  • Daily quiz challenge: Teachers can start their classes with a brief, engaging refresher on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacy tech vocabulary
  • Pre- & Post-tests: Teachers can evaluate a student’s overall progress by comparing the results of tests offered at the beginning and conclusion of a class
  • Gradebook: Teachers can see class averages and student grades at a glance
  • Student details: Teachers can dig into a single student’s data in a class
  • Export to Excel: Teachers can export all student data to a spreadsheet to upload to the LMS of their choice
  • Resource Center: A comprehensive list of resources for teachers and administrators, including the curriculum catalog, class templates and, certification guides
  • Instant support: Teachers can reach out via chat to talk to our customer success specialists so they can get quick and simple answers to their questions

You and your teachers can access these features at any time by logging into

In addition to all of these standard features, your school district gets a handful of additional features to help solve district-specific pain points. 

Those additional features include:

30-Day Onboarding

With a district-level purchase, everyone at your district gets onboarded into the system.

That way, you and all of your teachers can start using it right away with minimal downtime.

Single Sign-on Integration

As a district-level customer, you can request single sign-on integration with some of the world’s leading learning management systems.

At the time, these options include Clever, Google, and ClassLink.

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

When you become a district customer, you’ll be assigned a designated customer success specialist who will work with you and your teachers to help you succeed.

They’re trained on the best ways to use HealthCenter21, and they are always available to work with your teachers via a demo or phone call.

On-Site Professional Development for Teachers

All district-level customers have the opportunity to request on-site education for their teachers.

In this scenario, AES sends one or more team members to your school to conduct an in-person training.

At this training, your teachers have the chance to ask questions, get recommendations, and provide feedback for future updates to HealthCenter21.

By the time your teachers leave the training, they’ll confidently know how to use HealthCenter21 to teach, assess, grade, and collaborate.

District Reporting

District reporting options are included with HealthCenter21 so you can easily see that the program is working for your teachers and students.

These reports give you the chance to look at structured data concerning everything from individual grades to aggregated class averages and more.

With them, you can identify what’s working well in your health science program and where you have opportunities for improvement.

Customized District Course Templates

District course templates are sample classes that AES creates in HealthCenter21 on behalf of your district.

AES will work with you to create a template to meet your specific course requirements, standards, and certifications.

Once the template is made, every teacher in your district has access to it. They only need to click it to create their own class from the template, which they can then modify depending on each class’s specific needs. 

Administrators like course templates because they help establish consistency across a district-wide program, and teachers like them because they can quickly create standards-compliant classes.

Premier Integrations

Many districts we work with have strict IT requirements for integration with their current LMS.

To help make your life easier, we provide LMS integrations for district-wide customers.

In the past, we’ve worked with Clever and ClassLink to help school districts who use other software.

These integrations require a lot of coordination between AES and the LMS provider. As a result, it’s only worthwhile to pursue integrations when an entire school district needs them!

You can start this process at any time by reaching out to your account manager or customer success representative.

All it takes is a conversation!

Improve Your District’s Health Science Program with One Tool!

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Then, we’ll do everything we can to help you determine whether (and how) HealthCenter21 is the right choice for your school district.

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