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I'm a Health Science Teacher.

I've never taught in a classroom before, my classroom materials are outdated, and I have to get my students certified. 

Where do I even start?

My Classroom Materials Are Outdated!

Tell us about it.

(No really — tell us about it!)

99% of instructional materials can't keep up with the pace of medical research. In fact, we've heard the same exact quote from multiple health science teachers in our community about classroom materials:

"The moment a textbook is printed, it's already out of date."

At AES, part of our promise to you is that HealthCenter21 is always up to date.

We provide regular, free updates to our existing curriculum resources to ensure we provide you and your students with the best information possible.

With us, you don't have to get a new book every time we update your curriculum!


I'm a First-Year Teacher!

This is the biggest irony with health science instructors — you've taught others throughout your career, but you've never had to make an actual curriculum for a school before. 

That's why we also promise that our digital curriculum is easy to use

With our digital curriculum, you can literally drag-and-drop different groups of lessons (called "modules") into a class. 

Then, you can add students to that class. 

You can share that class with other teachers. You can make a copy of it to create different class sections.  


I Have to Get My Students to Pass Certification Exams!

Let's be honest with each other — if something doesn't help you get students certified, what's the point, right? 

Our digital curriculum isn't "test prep," but the options within the curriculum correlate to different state and national standards. 

Because of that, many teachers in our community have successfully improved their certification rates with our digital curriculum up to 100%!


I Can't Keep up with All the Demands on Teachers!

"Teaching" sounds so easy on paper, doesn't it? 

Then you get to the fine print (which most people don't talk about) and discover that you don't just have to "teach." 

You have to make lessons. You have to get classroom materials. You have to create reports for your admins.

Some students blaze ahead of your syllabus. Others lag behind. Sometimes, students just don't show up

Our curriculum comes with built-in student tracking features. Plus, because it's available on any web browser, students can do their work from home computers or their smartphones on the road. 

We've done everything we can to make HealthCenter21 accessible so you don't have to hear excuses!


I Have a Huge Range of Diverse Students That I Need to Teach!

Foreign exchange students. IEPs. Over-achievers. Disengaged. 

Your class(es) will always have a mix of these students and more. In fact, health science is one of the most ethnically, financially, and educationally diverse fields in the world! 

So how do you teach to state standards when students are at different levels of learning and working? 

HealthCenter21 is designed with differentiating qualities — like student self-pacing — to help your high-achievers get ahead while your IEPs learn the ways they learn best. 

That way, you don't leave students in the dust. Everyone gets a chance to succeed!


Do Teachers Really Use HealthCenter21?

You better believe it!

In fact, we've interviewed dozens of our most successful teachers so you can take their secrets to a successful classroom and use them yourself!

Learn How Teachers use HealthCenter21

"The biggest thing I found with HealthCenter21 was with the CMAA exam. Now I'm at a 100% pass rate."

Janet Fabra
Royal Palm Beach High School

I'm a Business Education Teacher.

I don't know anything about business, I have way too many students, and all of my classroom materials are outdated. 

How am I supposed to handle this and my normal course load?

I Didn't Sign on to Teach Business!

We hear that a lot from business education teachers. You don't really volunteer to teach business — you're told by an administrator. 

Since there's not a lot of overlap between business education and, say, AP British literature, where do you even start to teach a subject you don't know? 

With our digital curriculum, you can access a library packed with hundreds of lessons and assessments to teach almost anything you need. Create a class, load it up with curriculum, and go!


I Have to Teach Computer Apps and Career Readiness Too!

Yeah, that's a lot! 

This is why Business&ITCenter21 comes packed with additional resources. It has lessons on Microsoft applications, the Google suite, career prep for all ages, and more. 

So with this one resource, you basically get the value of three textbooks — except our curriculum doesn't go out of date the minute it's published.


I Have Too Many Students!

Some people like to say "It takes a village." 

But you? You're teaching that village. 

You're not alone! Some of the teachers in our community manage more than 600 students in a marking period without losing their weekends (or their minds). 

With a few clicks, you can get just about any information you want on any student enrolled in our digital curriculum. 

It's the easy way to manage your village!


My Classroom Materials Are Outdated!

Fact: Most technology — software, hardware, etc. — is obsolete within a year of it being created. 

That technology changes virtually every part of what you can teach. How can you teach students about new business principles, careers, and computer applications when they always change?

At AES, we promise that Business&ITCenter21 is always up to date. When Microsoft releases a new version of Word, it becomes our top priority to update our lessons to that version ASAP. 

The same goes for Google apps, business strategies, marketing innovations, career development, and everything else!


I Need to Prep My Students for Certification Tests!

We hear you! 

Certifications are quickly becoming the gold standard by which teachers are judged in terms of classroom success — especially Microsoft Office Specialist. 

That's why Business&ITCenter21 is packed with Microsoft lessons, activities, and assessments. It's not test prep — it's long-term information retention that'll help your students succeed decades after they finish your class. 


Do Teachers Really Use Business&ITCenter21?

All. The. Time!

Our community of Business&ITCenter21 teachers is growing faster than ever! These teachers have found tremendous value by managing their classrooms, achieving certification pass rates, hitting state standards, and more with this one resource. 

Want to see how they did it? You can read their success stories for yourself!

Learn How Teachers use Business&ITCenter21

"One of the biggest things that I enjoyed about Business&ITCenter21 is that children can self-pace. It has the lesson transcripts, PowerPoints, student worksheets — that has really helped my IEP children."

Patricia Carter
John M. Tutt Middle School

I'm an Administrator.

I need to help my teachers meet their standards, but they keep quitting!

How can I run my program if I have to rebuild it every single year?

I Have to Help My Teachers Meet Their Standards!

Standards, standards, standards. 

If your teachers don't hit their state standards, it comes back on you! 

You want your teachers to succeed. You want their students to do well in life. But man, there are a ton of standards you have to cover. 

Luckily, AES digital curriculum is designed to meet state standards across the USA. That's why we have teachers and administrators in our community from every state — we help teachers set the foundation for success in their classrooms!


My Teachers Keep Quitting!

Teaching is hard. As a result, teachers — especially new teachers — can burn out quickly

Planning. Teaching. Grading. Classroom management. Standards alignment. Certifications. 

If you want your teachers to stick around, the best thing to do is to simplify the tedium of their days. 

Incidentally, our digital curriculum systems help teachers with all of this — and then some!


I Have to Keep My Classroom Materials Consistent across Multiple Schools!

Most administrators don't look after one school — in fact, we're willing to bet that you have to coordinate hundreds of materials among multiple schools on any given day. 

After all, a student in Elementary School A should get the same value from their education as Elementary School B. 

But, hey, that's easier said than done — until now! 

Our digital curriculum systems are designed to work with multiple teachers across multiple schools. Teachers can even share classes with each other so you can make sure every student in your district gets the same learning experience at the same time. 


My Program Has to Be Sustainable Long-Term!

"I'm going to do an inhuman amount of work and then let everything crumble at the earliest opportunity so that I have to do it all over again tomorrow." - No one ever.

If you find yourself making substantial changes to your program year after year, it's time for a solution! 

Our curriculum lets you create a foundation for your teachers that, in turn, supports your whole program. Consistency, usability, sustainability — it's all in our curriculum! 


I Have to Do More Every Year with Fewer Coordinators!

The classic story of today's administrators revolves around how much they have to do and how the number of coordinators shrinks every year. 

If you're not careful, you might not just wind up doing the work of five people — it might become your permanent job description

Luckily, with our digital curriculum systems, you don't need a ton of coordinators looking at hundreds of resource options. 

When you work with AES, your teachers can coordinate a huge percentage of their own curriculum needs. 


I Need Precise Reports on Time, Funding, and Performance!

Good news — AES has them! 

Don't waste your time (or your teachers' time) by asking for hand-recorded, prone-to-error reports. 

Instead, use our curriculum reporting functions to see reliable, concrete, and accurate data on your teachers, students, and more! 

"It’s going to facilitate and make a teacher’s life easier. I got HealthCenter21 to help the teachers be better teachers and help them use their time more wisely."

Dr. Miguel Benavente
School District of Palm Beach County

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